Digital Tracking to Dolu Bus Conspiracy ..! Item Striking Details from BELBİM

digital follow-up to the bus conspiracy
digital follow-up to the bus conspiracy

While there are days when the use of public transportation has fallen substantially within the scope of COVID-19 measures in Istanbul, IMM will be held on Sunday, March 29, at 06:00 in the morning at Kağıthane - Gültepe- Kabataş He continued to investigate the extraordinary density of his line in all aspects.

Upon the detection of a deliberate attempt to wear down İBB and President Ekrem İmamoğlu, a criminal complaint was filed against people shooting on the bus and sharing images on social media.

The extraordinary of this intensity, which is the subject of criticism and experienced without paying attention to the social distance, was revealed with the digital data of BELBIM, a subsidiary of IMM.

According to the determination of BELBİM, which can follow the passenger movement instantly, as a bank immediately follows every penny expenditure of a credit card, 1530 percent of the passengers who took the bus numbered B-26 that Sunday morning consisted of those who do not routinely use this line.

18,6 percent got on this line for the first time on Sunday. According to the determination of BELBİM, even though there was a 56 percent passenger reduction at that time on other hours on that Sunday, an increase of 19 percent was detected in that time.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Sunday, March 29, Kağıthane-Kabataş He made the decision to share his digital data in order to eliminate different public comments and confusion about the incident on the bus number 62 and B-1530.

The electronic ticket İstanbulkart data, which is described as a “digital identity”, which cannot be changed and deleted, also determined that the density is extraordinary. Just as a bank can monitor the spending of a single penny at any point in the world and in any time period, İBB Affiliate BELBİM can instantly see every journey of Istanbulites using its own product, Istanbulkart. These data confirmed previous findings of IMM.

According to the findings made by BELBİM on digital data, the following findings were reached regarding the expedition of the bus numbered B-1530, which was previously shared with the public, on Sunday, 29 March 2020, between 06-07:

More intense, even from the busiest hour

  • 1- On the morning of March 29, bus number B-1530 decreased by 56 percent compared to the previous week on all morning flights, and on the contrary between 06-07 that morning, an increase of 19,72 percent was observed.
  • 2- On this line, on the 29th of March, an average of 07 passengers were carried between 12-41 hours, while 06 passengers were carried between 07-85 on the same day.
  • 3- It was seen that it increased to the 06rd place on March 07, while it was at least 16th and 17th in the previous weeks on Sundays, 29-3 hours, peak hours.

It was determined that 26 percent of the passengers at this time were not routinely using this line (5 times and less than 5 years since the beginning of the year), and 18,6 percent used it for the first time on Sunday.


The technological infrastructure of the electronic “Fee Payment System”, which serves Istanbul residents at the point of paying daily transportation and basic need expenditures, is known as a highly secure system that is closed to outside intervention and data storage.

Qualified as a “digital identity” and produced in accordance with international standards, İstanbulkart is given privately. Travel and expenditure information of the passenger using the card can be followed instantly, safely kept, cannot be changed and deleted.

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