ESO's Coronavirus Expectations Tendency Survey Concluded

coronavirus expectancy tendency questionnaire resulted
coronavirus expectancy tendency questionnaire resulted

The survey conducted by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry with our industrialists and which reveals the expectations of Eskişehir business world in April, May and June has been concluded.

“Entrust Me to Turkish Physicians” Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK

Our industrialists trust Healthcare Professionals. We offer our endless gratitude to them and their families.

 “Taxed kazanthree are holy" 

Our industrialists who support the country's development for many years, and we will work day and night to make the point that our employees deserve to Turkey as soon as possible. As the country after the Covid 19 scourge, it is undoubtedly our greatest desire to choose the “LOCAL” for both public, private and end consumer purchases. More exports, less imports and luxury consumption are the cornerstones of the future of our country.

He is able to do his duty in Eskişehir and Eskişehir Industry with his worthy.

According to the survey results we have done; Although there is a cautious mood of anxiety in our companies, they have previously been highly protected against economic crises and have the skills to manage them. The biggest concerns of our companies are to ensure that the state supports given are given to the companies that truly deserve. Our industrialists with scarce resources; It is most important that the state's resources are evaluated in the most effective way and given to the companies that deserve it. The implementation of the economic measures taken in the interviews with the managers of our companies is late, the criteria are not yet clear, the banks are overseeing the companies with high rating, and the measures are not crushed under bureaucracy. expectations are.

Our industry; our industrialists expect unconditional support from our state for at least 3 months

Especially during this period, our sector representatives report in general terms such as disruption of payments, closing or shrinkage of companies, check payments, decrease in investments, decrease in real estate sales, etc. For reasons, it is that there will be a cash congestion. The biggest wish of our companies, which are producing in all fields from the construction sector, Automotive, Aviation, Machinery Metal and Food Industry to Mining, is not to increase unemployment rates and not to lose qualified personnel. Especially in some sectors, automotive, aviation etc. it is that demands will not occur in a short time.

The most important complaints of the companies are the problems in the supply and logistics chains and the decrease in the demands in the global markets.

Our companies producing and manufacturing; tax, sgk, concise etc. announced by the state. It demands that postponements be extended to all sectors. Because, the greatest skill in this period, despite everything, is the important value of our country. CONSERVATION OF PRODUCTION POWER Interest-free loans, KOSGEB supports rapidly disclosing new support packages in strategic sectors without bureaucracy, cash support to protect employment, bank loan opportunities based on invoice, VAT discounts and payment of VAT receivables and public receivables in all sectors are basic cash support requests.

In addition, the end of the Covid-19 Pandemic in a short time and the protection of companies that produce without damage during this period is the greatest desire of all our industrialists and employees. Indeed, Turkey has great potential and the Turkish export industry is prepared to break records again in a short time.

The efforts of our industrialists and employees for years will be stronger with the assurance of our State. Our country will get rid of this trouble as soon as possible and find the place it deserves in the world.


(30% of our total members participated)

QUESTION 1:  Do you think the health-related measures / decisions regarding corona virus are sufficient?

ANSWER 1: Yes: 15,8% No: 38,3% Partly: 45,9%

EVALUATION 1: Our industrialists are in agreement regarding the tightening of controls and increasing the number of tests, as well as satisfying all health-related decisions. While passing through this special period, our healthcare professionals, who add their nights to daytime, are admirable. An important part of the companies participating in our survey expressed their satisfaction with the measures taken regarding health. 

QUESTION 2: Have you taken measures against coronavirus at workplaces and factories? Do you have a crisis management plan?

ANSWER 2: Yes: 68,3% No: 4,7% Partly: 27%

EVALUATION 2: With the process that started in 2000, a significant number of our companies have taken important steps in occupational safety. A significant part of our factories have new or renewed infrastructure and have reached the same levels with other exemplary companies in the world for the last 3-5 years thanks to corporate awareness, visions of managers, certification and level human resources management. Our companies, which are already prepared with the start of the coronavirus, have taken all the measures at a high rate by taking additional measures. An important part of our companies tend to create companies of the future, and they are rapidly following both legal and conscientious rules. Eskişehir Industry successfully passes an important exam in this sense. During this period, awareness of being a team brought our workers and employers closer together and gave hope for the future.

QUESTION 3: Do you think that the society is conscious enough against the corona virus and that it complies with the decisions taken?

ANSWER 3: Yes: 8,5% No: 42,3% Partly: 49,2%

EVALUATION 3: Eskişehir Industry has seen that the same consciousness has not developed by 45% in other layers of the society within the seriousness of the measures it has taken, and in this sense, awareness projects have been carried out in all components of the society and such a need has arisen. It is very important for our social health to apply the measures applied in the industry on every surface in order to shed light on the future and when we think everyone is on the ship. The implementation of the measures and improvements that our industrialists apply in their factories not only in terms of their health but also in our entire life will be very valuable in terms of social awareness. Training in all areas that our companies have received for years together with their employees has developed their awareness of responsibility and should be reflected in the whole society. 

QUESTION 4: Does work continue at your workplace?

ANSWER 4: Yes: 60,8% No: 11,1% Partly: 28%

EVALUATION 4: Our companies are in an effort to continue their production even during these difficult days due to coronavirus. An important part of the industrialists continue their full-time or partial works with great sacrifice in order to create overworked bread for their employees and to avoid consequences such as employee loss and layoffs. In this process, which has been going through difficult times as a country, the survey results show that our industrialists make every effort to stop production and put their hands under the stone for unity and the economy of the country.

QUESTION 5: Do you find the economic measures taken sufficient?

ANSWER 5: Yes: 7,9% No: 65,6% Partly: 26,5%


5. Concerns are important problems for our industrialists, as the economic measures taken are not fully implemented at the moment, the measures taken by the support measures are not complete, the worries that some of the bad examples that have been experienced will continue today, the bureaucracy will lengthen the process during the implementation of the measures and supports. The requests we receive from our members are followed up day by day and the implementation processes take time, although most of the decisions are taken. As Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, we are working closely with TOBB about the problems, demands and necessary measures of our members, and efforts are continuing to solve them in a short time.

QUESTION 6: Is your workplace ready to work remotely?

ANSWER 6: Yes: 22,9% No: 53.7% Partially: 23,4%

EVALUATION 6: Some of our member companies follow the technology closely and have the technological infrastructure suitable for working remotely due to coronavirus or worse scenarios that may occur in the future. However, most of the information technologies have not been able to fulfill the high level requirements of infrastructures, technology and software. It will be positive that industrialist friendly organizations such as KOSGEB will realize the supports that strengthen our companies' technology infrastructures as soon as possible, taking into account these survey results.

QUESTION 7: Do you expect a global economic recession?

ANSWER 7: Yes: 82,5% No: 2,7% Partly: 14,8% 

EVALUATION 7: The most important anxiety of most of our companies is the concern that a stagnation on a global scale will continue in the coming years. The possibility of contraction in demand due to the pandemic around the world, the explanations of European and US administrators regarding the economic shrinkage It causes problems for our companies to create more conservative budgets, investments and business plans in terms of future projection. Turkey and the world in general is not expected to grow.

QUESTION 8:  How do you think your sales will be affected by the epidemic in the next 3 months?

ANSWER 8: I'm expecting a decrease: 90,5%     

       I expect an increase: 2,6% 

       I don't expect change: 6,9%

EVALUATION 8: In April, May, June 2020, our companies expect a large turnover decrease. Unlike other financial crises, the impact of Covid19 Pandemic in the economy is 2-way. Both supply and demand contraction occurred. Due to the drop in production amounts due to the pandemic and the measures taken, at the same time, the decrease in demand at home and abroad caused concerns that our companies will suffer from turnover and cash flows.

QUESTION 9: How do you expect a change in raw material prices due to the outbreak in the next 3 months?

ANSWER 9: I'm expecting a decrease: 14,4%     

       I expect an increase: 69,1%      

       I don't expect change: 16,5%

EVALUATION 9: An important part of our surveyed companies include production amounts, increased production costs, potential currency increases, logistics, etc. For reasons, an increase in raw material prices is expected worldwide.

QUESTION 10: How do you think your potential investments will be affected by the outbreak in the next 3 months?

ANSWER10: I have an investment plan, but I think to postpone it: 58,8% 

                    I have an investment plan and will continue: 13,4%

                    I don't have an investment plan: 27,8%

EVALUATION 10: An important indicator that a significant part of our companies are in preparation for investment. Great Expectations entered with investing plan in 2020 our companies if they have decided to suspend for now the investment in, 2020's improvement in the terms and conditions in the 2nd half of the exports were again to enter the upward trend, select the supply chain Turkey as a production base in expectations shows that arose from duplication of investment . The presence of our companies, which are still planning investment or postponing for now, is important in terms of demonstrating that the conditions of the economy can revive once the conditions improve. Because, it shows that the real sector of our country is dynamic and practical, regardless of the conditions and conditions, and all the damages that are taken quickly will be repaired again. 

QUESTION 11: How do you think your production costs will be affected by the outbreak in the next 3 months?

ANSWER 11: I'm expecting a decrease: 10,7%    

         I expect an increase: 73,8%       

        I don't expect change: 15,5%

EVALUATION 11: A significant part of our companies foresees cost increases in a short period of 3 months. In all sectors, especially in the food sector, increases in production costs are expected due to the decrease in production amounts and productivity, and the extra costs created by health and measures.

QUESTION 12: How do you think the outbreak will affect employment rates?

ANSWER 12: I'm expecting a decrease: 88,8%     

        Expecting an increase:: 3,2%     

        I don't expect change: 8%

EVALUATION 12: A significant number of our companies expect a decline in employment data. A significant number of our members are working to prevent employment decline and apply for short-term work allowance. In the sector researches we have done, all of our industrialists are aware that their employees are the greatest value. Almost all of our industrialists consider not to lay off workers. In the event that the Covid-19 Pandemic results within a period of 3 months, our companies, which are a full family with their employees, aim to keep their qualified employees and employees in their companies. They expect full support from the state in this regard. Undoubtedly, our trained staff and employees are our greatest value, and this battle will be fought together in unity and solidarity during such sensitive periods. 

QUESTION 13: When do you expect the process to return to normal?

ANSWER 13: 1-3 months: 14,8% 

        3-6 months: 33,3%            

        6-12 months: 22,8%       

        More than 1 year: 19%    

        I can't predict: 10,1%

EVALUATION 13: A significant portion of our companies predict that the Covid3 pandemic will end within a period of 6-19 months. In the sectoral reports received, our companies have made short-term A and B plans during this period.

For detailed result of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Prospect Tendency Survey CLICK.

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