Ipekcilik Street in Bursa Will Have a Modern Look After Years

Bursa's silk street will have a modern look after years
Bursa's silk street will have a modern look after years

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has been renovating from the beginning to the İpekcılık Caddesi, which has been in the program for about 11 years. With the simultaneous work of all infrastructure institutions, the street will get a modern look years later.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, on the one hand, spends an intensive work to prevent the spread of the 'Covid 19' epidemic, on the other hand, it continues its routine municipal services without interruption. In this context, work started on İpekcılık Caddesi, one of the most important north-south axes of the city, extending from Setbaşı to the south of the city, and used extensively in terms of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. As a result of the decision taken in AYKOME, all infrastructure institutions initiate a simultaneous work on İpekcılık Caddesi, while natural gas, electricity, water and sewage lines are renewed from the beginning. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, together with his accompanying Karaağaç District Headman Sema Pamukçular, examined the works on site and received information from Gazali Şen, the Head of Transportation Department.

“We Will Enjoy”

Stating that they, as the Metropolitan Municipality, devoted their energy to the corona virus struggle intensely during this period, Mayor Aktaş also noted that they continue their routine municipal services without interruption. Expressing that İpekcılık Caddesi in the Karaağaç District of Yıldırım District is an important axis that has been waiting for maintenance for many years, Mayor Aktaş said, “We have also organized all infrastructure institutions and the studies are carried out simultaneously. The work includes Yeşil and Namazgah Streets alongside İpekülük Caddesi. In the first place, we started work on İpekcılık Caddesi, 600 meters long and 7 meters wide. We will invest approximately 1 million 250 thousand liras with infrastructure, hot asphalt, curbs and terraces. I apologize to the residents for the discomfort we have caused in this process. But you will appreciate that infrastructure work is a bit troublesome. But when it is over, I hope we will enjoy the joy of this place together. I wish the works will be beneficial to the region already. ”

Reminding that this street has been in the program for about 11 years, but that it has not started until today, Karaağaç Mahallesi Muhtar Sema Pamukçular thanked President Aktaş for the work that will add value to the region.

Günceleme: 17/04/2020 11:45

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  1. a complete monument of disgrace. There is no drain on the road, the apartments will fill with water in the rain. The sidewalks are completely flat, you think that the ground has not been corrected roughly. Many disabled people went to the market with their cordless cars from this street. there are also many strollers. People have been patient in the mud for months to be a good thing. the result is disgrace, frustration, beyond frustration.

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