Spring Makeup for Streets and Streets in Bursa

spring makeover to streets and streets in bursa
spring makeover to streets and streets in bursa

Taking advantage of the curfew imposed within the scope of the efforts to combat Covid-19, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality started a comprehensive hot asphalt work on the 5-kilometer main line starting from the Mudanya turnout of İzmir Road and continuing to Korupark. It was announced that the 2.5 km section between Mudanya Junction and Esentepe Junction will be completed and opened to vehicle passages on Monday, and the other 2.5 km section between Esentepe Junction and Korupark will be closed to traffic in the following days for the same operations.

The world is ravaged, the adverse effects seen in Turkey Covidien-19, translated literally opportunities in Bursa. Evaluating the decreasing street density due to the virus, the Metropolitan Municipality started an asphalt and pavement renovation work all over the city. Within the scope of the works, the curfew, which was implemented this weekend, was also known, and 'asphalt' hot asphalt was poured on the 2.5 km main road between Mudanya Junction and Esentepe Junction. The old road, which completed its economic life, was completely removed from the ground and replaced from scratch. Following the road construction work to be carried out on Saturday and Sunday on a 24-hour basis, it was reported that the 2.5-kilometer main line will be 'cooled' and opened to vehicle crossings by Monday. After the hot asphalt applications between Mudanya Junction-Esentepe Junction, it is stated that similar activities will continue between Esentepe Junction-Korupark in the following days.

Spring makeup on streets and streets

In Bursa, the decrease in the street density due to the virus and the hot days gradually make itself felt, speeding up the road patching and construction and the treatment activities. Metropolitan Municipality 'started the infrastructure and superstructure, pavement and asphalt works within the scope of' renovation activities' in 'İpekcılık Caddesi', which could not be started although it has been in the program for 11 years. The treaties of the streets of Nicosia, Kayapa and Ata Boulevard connected to Nilüfer, Gür connected to Osmangazi, Fevzi Çakmak connected to Kestel and Akpınar connected to İnegöl were completely renewed by the Metropolitan Municipality teams. Patch works were also carried out on the streets and streets.

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