Feverish Work on Bursa City Square Sculpture Tram Road

Feverish Work on Bursa City Square Sculpture Tram Road
Feverish Work on Bursa City Square Sculpture Tram Road

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated the asphalt renewal works on the tram line as the traffic flow has come to a halt on Atatürk Street.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality allocates a large part of its energy to the 'Covid 19' epidemic, on the other hand, it continues all municipal services without interruption. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has not stopped its traffic and transportation-related investments, which is the most important agenda item of Bursa, despite the fight against the corona epidemic, has initiated a comprehensive maintenance and renovation work on the T7 tram line route where no maintenance has been made for approximately 1 years. The works covering the 6,5 km line between Kent Square and Sculpture started from Altıparmak Street and is continuing rapidly with the decrease in traffic in the region.

First study for 7 years

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the works carried out by the Directorate of Road Affairs Branch on site. Following the asphalt paving works from the end point of the fork viaduct to Atatürk Street, Mayor Aktaş said that they had the opportunity to stop the normal traffic flow on Atatürk Street and to stop T19 and T1 tram lines as part of the fight against Covid 3. Stating that there has been no maintenance on this line for about 7 years, Mayor Aktaş said, “We had the opportunity to stop this traffic. This is a 6,5 kilometer line. 1 kilometer of the line from Altiparmak to Cemal Nadir Street entrance is completely replaced. Because in some places there are collapses, there are asphalt-related wear. Along the Altıparmak Avenue, maintenance and roadside code work was carried out on 27 manhole covers and 19 gratings. This work will be carried out on the entire line. At the moment, with the help of the Road Works Department, asphalt work in 17 districts, 6 points, curb pavement works in 10 points and excavation works in 34 points continue. We know that these days will pass and Bursa will start experiencing these troubles again with the intensity of traffic and transportation. Our aim is to be able to relax Bursa in terms of traffic and transportation, just to avoid those troubles. I apologize to the residents for the discomfort we have caused during the studies. ”

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