BTP Founder Haydar Baş Corona Dies from Virus

btp founder haydar bas corona virusten died
btp founder haydar bas corona virusten died

Independent Turkey Party (BTP) Chairman Haydar Baş, Trabzon corona virus (Covidien-19) lost his life in the hospital being treated due this morning. It was announced yesterday that Haydar Bas and his family had eight corona viruses.

ill about a week before a special hospitalized Independent Turkey Party in Akcaabat district President Haydar Baş, the hometown of Trabzon, the family of 8 people with Covidien-19 testing positive comes out yesterday in Trabzon referral required standards in the Legal Training and Research Hospital.

Haydar Baş, a 73-year-old politician who was being treated in the intensive care unit, was taken to the intensive care unit when he needed respiratory support after 4 days of treatment in a private hospital in Akçaabat district. Haydar Baş passed away in the hospital where he was treated this morning. His funeral will be buried in the family cemetery in the same place after the funeral prayer to be performed after the noon prayer in the district of Sarıtaş in the district today.


Professor Dr. Haydar Baş was born in Trabzon in 1947. After completing his primary, middle and high school education in Trabzon; In 1970, he graduated from the Higher Islamic Institute of Erciyes University in Kayseri.

He completed his postgraduate education and doctorate at Baku State University with his thesis on "Human Rights in Farewell Sermon" and started to work at this university. He continued his academic studies after his doctorate and said, “Islam and Hz. As a result of her thesis on Mevlana, "Sufism History", "Sociology of Religion" and "Psychology of Religion", she received the title of "Professorship" from the same university.

Having worked as a lecturer at Baku State University for nine years, Mr. Baş has still been working in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Research Faculty of Eastern Languages ​​and Literatures.

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