Freight Transportation by BTK Railway to be Extended to Central Asia

btk is working to carry an additional thousand tons of freight daily on the railway line
btk is working to carry an additional thousand tons of freight daily on the railway line

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the extraordinary video conference summit on “Cooperation and Solidarity in Combating the Kovid-10 Outbreak” by the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking Countries (Turkish Council) on April 2020, 19.

Stating that all humanity is currently fighting a difficult war against an invisible enemy, Erdogan said that this extraordinary summit of the Turkish Council will strengthen solidarity between countries in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

'' Strengthening the Caspian Middle Corridor is Important ''

Noting that the effect of the outbreak is also against a global socio-economic crisis, Erdogan said: “The measures we take can negatively affect the trade between us. Therefore, we should implement the most practical solutions possible in the shortest time possible by taking care of public health in areas such as transportation, customs and border crossings. ''

Expressing the importance of strengthening the Middle Caspian crossing corridor once again, Erdoğan said, “We need to intensify our cooperation to take concrete steps to ensure the development of contactless foreign trade and multi-modal transportation systems in this transport corridor.” used expressions.

“Working to Carry An Additional 3 Tons Loads Along the BTK Line”

President Erdogan of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia in the rail transport used for freight transport could extend to Central Asia, he said.

Erdogan, "We are working to transport 3 tons of additional cargo to the existing cargo over the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line." used the expression.

Emphasizing that Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan have become an important transit route for Turkish transporters due to road crossings closed within the scope of coronavirus measures, President Erdoğan said: “In this context, I expect our members of the council to provide convenience in matters such as pass certificate quotas, tolls and driver visas. It is especially important to reduce the fees on the Ro-Ro lines, to provide the additional pass documents needed, and to remove the tolls within the framework of reciprocity. ” He spoke in the form.

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