Five Brands Gathered Under BM Makina Group Roof

Five brand BM Makina grouped under the cat
Five brand BM Makina grouped under the cat

BM Makina, which performs its own production as well as the brands it represents, gathered its five brands under the umbrella of BM Makina Grup. After this; Vahle, Liftket, BKB, KATO, DEMYKS brands will be represented by BM Makina Grup.

Serving with Vahle, Liftket, BKB, KATO, DEMYKS brands, BM Makina gathered all its brands under the umbrella of BM Makina Grup. With all brands within the body of BM Makina Group; It has 21 years of experience in energy and data transmission systems, vehicle lifting and turning equipment, motorized cable collecting drums, light crane systems, electric chain cranes and accessories.

Providing services in a wide range of sectors from iron steel to crane sector, from white goods to automotive and railway, BM Makina Grup is carrying out projects both at home and abroad with its five brands.

VAHLE Energy and Data Transmission Systems

The main usage areas are; Vahle, which is mobile cranes, bridge cranes, monorail crane systems, transportation systems and storage systems, is a world famous German brand operating in the field of energy and data transmission systems. Among Vahle products, there are strategic products for the iron and steel industry. Vahle products, which have the ability to lift the load of iron and steel cranes that have a very high capacity beyond their robustness, offer special solutions for energy, data transmission and positioning to different sectors, especially crane, intralogistics, automotive, port.

LIFTKET Electric Chain Hoists and Accessories

Liftket, another German brand that it represents, produces electric chain cranes up to 25 tons. 125 kg to 5 tonnes of fixed hanger for up to as the reverse hook and hanging from a monorail in Turkey can be delivered directly 1-2 days. All maintenance and spare parts works of Liftket provide 7/24 with an experienced maintenance team established by BM Makina Group.

BKB Light Crane Systems

WNW, with all the load-bearing production in Turkey by the UN Machinery Group are special profile system.

Thanks to its modular structure, it appeals to many sectors thanks to its easy assembly and application to different areas of use. In crane systems, the user can easily move the load manually. It owes this to the special form of the profile and the private cars used. Especially for loads up to 1 ton; It is preferred as jib cranes, bridge crane systems, telescopic systems, monorail systems, bench-machine, continuous production-assembly lines, maintenance areas.

The main sectors used are; automotive and supplier industry, white goods, hygiene, storage, door systems, crane sectors.

KATO Motorized Cable Reels

Besides the standard products of KATO MKT Series Motor Driven Cable Reels, produced by BM Makina Group, they offer ideal solutions, the design of which can change in accordance with the customer's request and needs.

KATO MKT Series Motor Driven Cable Collection Drums produced to collect low voltage and medium voltage cables in various sections; The electrical energy and control signals needed by the mobile equipment are used to wrap the cables automatically and transmit them to the equipment.

DEMYKS Vehicle Lifting and Turning Equipment

Under the name of DEMYKS brand, BM Makina Grup; car lifting jacks, welding positioners, bogi manipulators, turntables, work platforms, vehicle transport stands are designed and produced for product groups.



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