April 23 Celebration Will Go To Children In The Capital

April celebration in the capital will go to the feet of the children
April celebration in the capital will go to the feet of the children

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a different celebration program for “April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day” this year. The Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department, which invited the children from the capital, who could not leave their houses due to the coronavirus epidemic on April 23, to their balconies on April XNUMX, will go to the district district with open-top sightseeing vehicles and will carry a celebration full of animation shows accompanied by children's songs.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will take the celebrations of “April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day”, which Veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk presented to children, to the feet of children who could not leave their homes due to the coronavirus epidemic this year.

       Within the scope of the program prepared by the Department of Culture and Social Affairs, 10 touristic sightseeing vehicles will visit the district district by playing children's songs.


Representing the will of the Turkish nation, which is one of the most important turning point in the history of national struggle of Turkey's Grand National Assembly (Parliament), which is also the opening day also enthusiastically celebrated on April 23 each year as the children's day.

On Thursday, April 23, the Metropolitan Municipality, which invites Ankara residents, especially all children, to the balconies, will stroll around the streets in 25 districts including the center and play children's songs. The animation team in open-top vehicles will also have hours of fun with their shows.

After the vehicles to be equipped with Turkish Flags return from the districts, accompanying the national level celebrations at 21.00, "Independence anthem"will sing together with the capitals.

CHILDREN WILL accompany songs

Excursion vehicles, which will travel around 08.00 streets and boulevards between 23.00-70 in the center and districts, will address children in the capital city by singing children's songs and anthems at the following hours:

-Evren: 11.00 -Şereflikoçhisar: 13.00 -Bala: 16.00 -Gölbaşı: 17.30

-Çamlıdere: 11.00 -Kızılcahamam: 13.00 -Kazan: 16.00 -Xinjiang: 21.00

-Nallıhan: 11.00 -Beypazarı: 14.30 -Gudul: 17.30 -Age: 19.00

-Kalecik: 11.00-Bar: 13.00 -Akyurt: 16.00 -Purscocks: 18.00

-Altındağ: 21.00 -Çankaya: 21.00 -Yenimahalle: 21.00 -Keçiören: 21.00

-Haymana: 11.00 -Polatlı: 13.00 -Etimesgut: 21.00

-Elmadag: 11.00 - No: 21.00

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