Ask for Fees Northern Marmara Motorway Workers Alleged to Be Slammed

ask for prices north marmara highway workers crashed
ask for prices north marmara highway workers crashed

Workers working at the North Marmara Motorway construction site in Sakarya were not given 3-month wages, as workers demanded their wages and were taken out of the construction site.

It was learned that the workers who were laid off without paying 3-month wages while they were working at the highway construction site in Sakarya, were beaten out of the construction site because they demanded their wages.

It was learned that the workers working at the North Marmara Highway construction site, which is under construction in Kaynarca district of Sakarya, were battered because they wanted their receivables. According to the information obtained, 15 workers working in the subcontractor of the main contractor Kolin Construction, Zeni Grup, were dismissed on April 5. Workers were told that their 3-month wages would be given to them later. The workers could not leave the city because they did not have both the measures taken against the coronavirus epidemic and the money. Workers then contacted the Construction and Construction Workers Union (İYİ-SEN), of which they were members. The union then met with the company.


IYI-SEN President Ali Oztutan said that after the meeting yesterday, some of the wages of the workers were paid. Öztutan said that they said that other wages of the workers should also be paid, “The workers decided not to leave the construction site. Today, Zeni is trying to get his boss off the job site by attacking the workers with his staff. Two of our fellow workers were blown. After getting a battering report at the hospital, they went to the police station and complained. Other workers are waiting in front of the construction site with our union representatives. ” (Universal)

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