ASELSAN on the Way to Central Asia with SARP Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon System

yen export success from aselsan to central asia
yen export success from aselsan to central asia

Turkey's largest defense industry company, ASELSAN, achieved a new export success with the SARP DUAL Remote Controlled Weapon System (UKSS) in Central Asia. kazanwas.

ASELSAN, which continues its localization efforts in the markets in which it operates, has signed a new contract for the SARP DUAL Remote Control Weapon System within the scope of the need of friendly and allied country Kazakhstan.

ASELSAN and its subsidiary in Kazakhstan; Kazakhstan ASELSAN Engineering (KAE) aims to increase its production capacity in order to meet the needs of Kazakhstan in military and civilian areas at the maximum level.


ASELSAN SARP-DUAL Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon System is a weapon system that can be equipped with 7,62mm machine gun as the main weapon, 12,7mm anti-aircraft gun or 40mm grenade launcher, and a 7,62mm machine gun as an auxiliary weapon.

Providing advanced remote command and surveillance opportunities, SARP System increases the environmental awareness of the shooting personnel and brings their safety to the highest level. It is an effective and versatile system that can be integrated into wheeled / tracked armored vehicles and fixed platforms and provides personnel safety due to its remote control.

steep remote controlled stabilized weapon system
steep remote controlled stabilized weapon system

Ammunition Capacity

Main Weapon Options:
<1500 units - 7,62mm <400 units - 12,7mm <96 units - 40mm Coaxial Weapon Options: <400 units - 7.62mm Remote controlled weapon systems developed by ASELSAN in different configurations and calibres that can be used in various land and naval platforms are still It is included in the inventory of 20 different countries.

Source: Defense Industry

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