Wearing a Mask in Public Transportation is Compulsory in Ankara

It is compulsory to wear a mask in public transport in Ankara
It is compulsory to wear a mask in public transport in Ankara

According to the decision of the Ankara Governorship, it has become compulsory for drivers and passengers to wear masks in private vehicles and public transportation vehicles with more than one passenger.

In addition to this decision, it has become mandatory to have hand sanitizers in every public transport vehicle, to comply with the general hygiene rules and to reduce the passenger seating capacity to 50%.

The written statement from the governorship is as follows;

On 12.04.2020, Ankara Provincial General Hygiene Board convened under the chairmanship of Governor Vasip Şahin and discussed the instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other issues on the agenda and made the following decisions:

In order to maintain social distance in public transportation vehicles, public transportation vehicles (Bus, Private Public Buses, Minibuses, Ankaray, Başkentray, Metro, etc.) operating in our city on Monday, 13.04.2020, and transportation between the cities and districts. Valid in vehicles, taxis, all kinds of commercial vehicles, service vehicles and private vehicles with more than one person;

  • The use of a mask is mandatory,
  • Those who do not use masks should not be taken to public transportation vehicles, and penalties should be applied separately to drivers and passengers who are found to be unmasked,
  • In the public transportation vehicles, the maximum capacity of “passenger seating capacity” is “50”,
  • In order to make it easier for the passengers traveling or waiting at the station to comply with the social distance, taking necessary measures by taking necessary warnings at the stops and inside the vehicles,
  • Providing liquid hand disinfectant by providing general hygiene conditions at all public transportation vehicles and stops,
  • In order to protect the social distance in vehicles and to prevent the victimization of our citizens, it has been decided by the relevant institutions to take measures to prevent intensity.

Ankara governor's office stated that criminal proceedings will be implemented even though the decisions are not followed.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Health on Friday, there are approximately 1000 Coronary virus (COVID-19) patients in the capital. The disease is more common in the central regions of Ankara, Kızılay, Cebeci, Mamak and Çankaya.

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