Transparent Protection Against Coronavirus for EGO Bus Drivers in Ankara

Transparent protection against coronavirus for EGO bus drivers in Ankara
Transparent protection against coronavirus for EGO bus drivers in Ankara

The mobilization of the coronavirus epidemic of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues at full speed. Within the scope of coronavirus measures, a new application was launched in EGO buses. EGO Headquarters covered the bus driver cabins with protective transparent plastic material to prevent contact with passengers. The practice is aimed at protecting public service bus drivers and passengers from epidemics.

While efforts to combat epidemics continue 7/24 in all parts of the capital, new measures are also being implemented.

A new application has been launched in Ankara that will protect both bus drivers and passengers from epidemic diseases after traveling by preserving the social distance in the public transportation vehicles and pasting a space with a preserved distance. With the decision taken by the EGO General Directorate, the buses separated the cabs with transparent mica (PVC) coating.


Thanks to the transparent material placed in the driver's section in a total of 470 buses owned by EGO, it is aimed to minimize the contact between the passenger and the driver as much as possible.

Hasan Hüseyin Şenver, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO 2. Regional Manager, said: “Our aim in the measures taken against the coronavirus is to protect the health of our passengers and drivers. We continue our efforts to minimize social contact because of the close distance to the speed of spreading of coronavirus for public health. ”

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