Asphalt Season Opened in Ankara

asphalt season opened in Ankara
asphalt season opened in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its road construction and asphalt works without slowing down. With the opening of the asphalt season, asphalt paving, road expansion and line works have been accelerated in many points of the Capital. Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department teams; He works intensively on asphalt and new roads in Çankaya, Elmadağ and Kahramankazan.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated the asphalt paving works in all districts of Başkent.

With the opening of the asphalt season, the Metropolitan Municipality, which started asphalt paving, road widening and new road work in many parts of the city, continues to work 7/24 in order to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow in the capital and to reduce the traffic density.


With the warming of the weather, the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams completed asphalt, road widening and line works at the following points:

  • 350 meters of bumpy foundation + Binder asphalt and road line work in Orkaya Reis Street in Cankaya Beştepe District,
  • Çankaya Yaşamkent Mahallesi Dumlupınar Boulevard bridge side road extension 120 meters Budget Foundation + Binder asphalt and road line work,
  • Etimesgut Fatih Sultan Mahallesi 2427 Street and Yaşamkent Köprülü Intersection connection 150 meters with a bumpy foundation + Binder asphalt and road line work,
  • Mamak Battalgazi District Selçuk Caddesi length 1 kilometer and 2 meters asphalt-line work,
  • 150 meters asphalt and line work on Gölbaşı Şafak Mahallesi Tek Yol Caddesi,
  • Kahramankazan Saray Neighborhood Adnan Menderes Boulevard 1 kilometer asphalt and line work,
  • Kahramankazan Saray Mahallesi 346 Avenue 300 meters asphalt and line work.


The teams of Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Science Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the asphalt work with new roads all over the city and plans to complete it in a short time;

  • Kahramankazan Saray Mahallesi completes 222140 meters of the 3530 thousand 2 meters long zoning road opening work between 600-450 islands, while continuing to work for the rest,
  • While completing 3250 kilometers 2 meters of asphalt work at Çankaya Yaşamkent Mahallesi 700 Street, 2 kilometers continues to work 100 meters of asphalt pavement with two spreading teams,
  • Elmadağ Bülent Ecevit Avenue - Arif Çalış Avenue - Şehit İbrahim Göçen Avenue, while completing a total of 3 kilometers 300 meters of Basic Foundation work, Binder continues its study.


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