Arkas Holding: We support the National Solidarity Campaign - We have Faith in Turkey

We're holding back trust in a side of national solidarity turkiyeye
We're holding back trust in a side of national solidarity turkiyeye

Arkas Holding and its subsidiary in partnership with TIL, Marport, have supported the National Solidarity Campaign with a donation amounting to a total of 3,3 million TL

Arkas Holding, having 23 offices and 61 employees with its main business fields of shipping, port operations and logistics services as well as many subsidiaries spreading to an area globally from North Africa to West Europe and to Southern Mediterranean, continues providing its services without interruption to fulfil its share of responsibilities and ensure the continuity of the supply chain without disruptions to support getting through these difficult times with minimum negative outcomes.

Stating that they have always acted in accordance with the faith and power this geography has provided them for over a century, Arkas Holding said

“At a time when unity and togetherness have become ever more important, we continue supporting our people and government during these challenging days. Our support to employment is to continue and we are going to keep being our country’s representative in international waters.”

“We take it as a national duty to support the National Solidarity Campaign launched by Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the slogan “We are self-sufficient, Turkey”; having supported the campaign with a donation amounting to a total of 2 million TL, 1,3 million TL on behalf of Arkas Holding and a 3,3 million TL donation on behalf of our subsidiary Marport in partnership with TIL.”

Arkas Holding also stresses the support it gives to the National Sovereignty Campaign by stating: “We have absolute faith that as the Republic of Turkey we are going to overcome this challenging period stronger than ever with unity, understanding and cooperation.”

Underlining the importance of #Stayhome, Arkas Holding states its gratitude to those working in the field for all our citizens, especially healthcare workers, who work with great sacrifice during this difficult period.

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