Uninterrupted Hygiene in Ankara Metro and Ankaray Wagons

Uninterrupted hygiene in Ankara metro and Ankara wagons
Uninterrupted hygiene in Ankara metro and Ankara wagons

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has maximized the hygiene measures taken in Metro and ANKARAY within the scope of combating coronavirus. After that, Metro and ANKARAY wagons will be cleaned with special disinfectant products produced by ASKİ after each time.

While the cleaning and disinfection works continue all over the capital 7/24, new measures are being implemented.

Metro and ANKARAY wagons, which are cleaned daily, so that citizens using Rail Systems can travel in a healthier, cleaner and hygienic environment, will be disinfected after each new decision.


Within the scope of combating the coronavirus outbreak, hygiene measures have been carried to a higher level for Metro and ANKARAY wagons.

Providing information about the cleaning works using the disinfectant products produced by ASKI General Directorate with his own facilities, Seyfettin Aslan, Head of Department of Metropolitan Health Affairs, gave the following information:

“As the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we have been taking intense measures since the first day the coronavirus came onto the agenda. Now we move on to the next level. We will start disinfecting the Metro and ANKARAY wagons after each time. For this, we will use sodium hypochlorite produced by ASKİ. We also met with our authorized teachers and learned that sodium hypochlorite is the most effective disinfectant against coronavirus. We have adjusted the dosage of the disinfectant we prepared so as not to affect the clothes and we have taken every precaution to protect human health. ”


While the number of passengers has decreased by 90 percent by the General Directorate of EGO, a new arrangement is made in Metro and ANKARAY during the departure times, and the disinfection activities that the cleaning teams will perform at the last stops during the day are planned so as not to cause disruption in the trips.

EGO Rail Systems Head Haldun Aydın said, “In order to protect the health of our passengers using Rail Systems, we are constantly striving to disinfect our trains from the first time to the last time, and provide our passengers with a healthy travel opportunity, from the first time to the last time.

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