Social Distance Control in Public Transportation in Antalya

Social distance control in public transportation in Antalya
Social distance control in public transportation in Antalya

Coronavirus work of the police teams continues Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has increased its measures in the coronavirus struggle threatening public health.

Police teams are working hard from social distance rule in public transportation to price controls in markets. The teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Police Department, which strictly carry out their duties for the peace, health and public order of citizens throughout Antalya, continue their efforts to fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Inspections continue continuously in the city center and districts. As part of the coronavirus struggle of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the police teams supervise taxis and public transportation, price inspections in food-selling markets, and inspections in Konyaaltı and Lara Beaches.


Within the scope of the coronavirus measures issued by the Ministry of the Interior, Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams continue to inspect the number of passengers in the city's public transportation vehicles to halve the passengers and sit in a safe distance. The teams, which inspect at different points in the city, stop the public transportation one by one and check the number of passengers and whether the passengers sit at a safe distance. The teams warn passengers and drivers who do not follow the rules. It was stated that inspections will be continued at periodic intervals.


Metropolitan Municipality Police officers started to control commercial taxis in Antalya. Audits are carried out regarding the single-double license plate application published by the Ministry of Interior on commercial taxis.


The teams also carry out their inspections regarding the workplaces with the Antalya Trade Provincial Directorate teams. After experiencing the corona virus cases in Turkey of food, hygiene masks and exorbitant price increases in product inspection for the implementation sıklaştırılarak progress. Police teams, in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of Commerce teams, carry out inspections to workplaces selling such products. Within the scope of the inspections, hygiene inspections were also carried out at the bagel benches operating in the city center. The teams warned the shopkeepers working on the bagel machines to use protective gloves and masks.


Police teams also warn citizens who do not comply with the curfew above the age of 65 due to the corona virus outbreak. The teams advise not to leave their homes and go to their homes in terms of their health, especially by warning the elderly who come to attract salaries in front of the bank and stroll the streets, as well as in the square and green areas. The teams are also continuing their inspections in Konyaaltı and Lara Beach, which are prohibited from entering citizens within the scope of virus measures.

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