Unmasked Public Transport Vehicles In Izmir Are Forbidden

It is forbidden to ride without a mask on public transportation vehicles in Izmir.
It is forbidden to ride without a mask on public transportation vehicles in Izmir.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer announced that they will take measures to prevent citizens from getting on public transport without a mask within the scope of corona virus measures.

President Tunç Soyer said on April 2 that they will be obliged to ride masks on public transport in a local television program that they attended and started to prepare for this. One day after Soyer's announcement, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the curfew for those under the age of 20 under the corona virus measures, and announced that they imposed a mask imperative in places such as closed areas, markets, and marketplaces. The Ministry of Internal Affairs declared the measures in a circular form.

Restriction is positive but insufficient

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer reminded that they wanted a curfew to be introduced long before the prevention of the epidemic, and that they submitted this as an official request on the Provincial Pandemic Board last Monday. Stating that they have received the last restriction decisions, although insufficient, they are positive. There is no other solution for stopping the spreading speed of the outbreak or slowing it down. Meanwhile, we want not to get on public transport without a mask. For this purpose, we took action on the purchase of masks days ago and put forward our will. I hope the people of Izmir will follow this rule. We will also support the people of Izmir who cannot provide masks. ”

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