Unmasked Public Transportation Banned in Kocaeli

It is forbidden to ride unmasked public transportation vehicles in Kocaeli.
It is forbidden to ride unmasked public transportation vehicles in Kocaeli.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced new measures against the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak yesterday in a press release. In this context, citizens were prohibited from riding unmasked public transport. As of today's law, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality distributed 25 thousand masks to citizens.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced at the press conference yesterday that new measures were taken against the coronavirus epidemic. While those under the age of 20 are forbidden to go out, a new application has been launched for citizens who have to go out. It was made compulsory for everyone to wear a mask in all areas where people such as markets and markets are located collectively. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality made the same decision for public transport.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality obliged citizens to use masks using public transportation. After the ban that started as of this morning, the Metropolitan Municipality immediately took action. In this context, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality delivered 25 thousand masks to Transportation Park for the use of citizens who use public transportation vehicles.


Masks delivered to security guards at the transportation park drivers and tram stops were distributed to citizens using public transportation vehicles. Masks distributed to citizens who want to get on public transport without masks were appreciated. Transportation park officials warned citizens that they will not be able to get on public transport without a mask.


Citizens who state that they are aware of the necessity of wearing a mask for Public Transport vehicles put into effect today in the morning hours; “The decision made is the right one. We support the decision taken by taking into consideration the health of us and the community. When we got on the bus this morning, we didn't have a mask. Thank you, the drivers delivered the masks to us on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality. After that, they warned us that we could not get on public transport without a mask. We see foreign countries in the news. They overlooked the elderly, they cannot find a mask for their citizens. In our country, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality both produces masks and distributes masks for our health free of charge. May Allah not let our state. What more can we ask for? ”

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