How Will The New World Order Become After Covid-19?

How will the new world order after covid be
How will the new world order after covid be

The struggle against the Covid-19 epidemic and the subsequent changes were discussed at the first meeting of the Webinar series titled “Wtechtalks New World Order” organized by the Women's Association in Technology. Denizbank CEO Hakan Ateş, Kuika Software Founder Süreyya Ciliv, Arzum Chairman Murat Kolbaşı and Üsküdar University Rector Consultant Deniz Ülke Arıboğan shared their processes about the process and the future

The Covid-19 epidemic, which has radically changed life all over the world, has carried business processes and future targets to a different dimension in the business world. In the business world where work from home is prominent, sustainability comes to the fore, while combating this epidemic and the changes that will occur afterwards are discussed. Based on these developments, the Women in Technology Association launched the Webinar series titled “Wtechtalks New World Order”.

Hakan Ateş, the CEO of Denizbank, the first webinara on "Post-Covid-360, Changing Global Economy, Business Dynamics and Social Reflections", moderated by Zehra Öney, Chairman of Board of Directors of Women Association in Technology and 19 + Media Interactive Agency President. , Arzum Chairman Murat Kolbaşı and Üsküdar University Rector Consultant Deniz Ülke Arıboğan participated.

Zehra Öney: Hope always exists

Stating that it is going through a difficult period, but there is always hope, Zehra Öney emphasized that as Wtech, their goal is to hear the solution suggestions for individuals, institutions and organizations in the bottleneck from the industry leaders. Öney said, “There is hope both socially and politically. McKinsey & Company prepared an action proposal consisting of 19 steps to get out of the crisis environment with the social and financial shock created by the Covid-5 pandemic: Solve, Gain Resistance, Restart, Redesign and Create Reform. In this context, we aimed to create a foresight with valuable contributions made in this webinar to the questions of what kind of changes will occur in different sectors after Covid-19, what will be the changing society dynamics, what is our new normal now, ”he said.

Hakan Ateş: There will be digital selection

Hakan Ateş, who stated that the epidemic will narrow the world economy seriously, although there is no clear picture at the moment, stated that a digital selection will occur. According to Turkey's investments in other countries due to health noted that the relatively better-off fever, he continued: "Currently, worldwide production declined and will continue to decline. Coins depreciated. The manufacturing sector is better compared to the decline in the service sector, but how long this job will last is important. Turkey has made significant investments in health. Turkey in particular, intensive care beds, in a relatively better position in terms of national production of fans and we're a better era. Along with Covid-19, the survivor rule was applied. We saw the business model, mindset, and evolving changing needs. We understood how important logistics is actually. As we have completed our technological infrastructure by foreseeing these days, the number of our digital daily users has increased from 750 thousand to 2 million. ”

Süreyya Ciliv: Let's prepare well for digital transformation

Noting that the epidemic period ending Sureyya Ciliv Certainly, Turkey has stressed the need to focus on the next period after the end of this process. Ciliv said: “We have to say positive, concrete and realistic things. The most important issues in this period are being a team, answering a problem, being dynamic and acting fast. In the future, computer science, industrial engineering, biotechnology will become more important. This is a team job. When managing the business, we have to think about how to use resources in the most efficient way and optimize them. We should all do human-oriented and useful works. In particular, we need products with high profitability and companies that will add value to our country. Start-ups should focus on existing customers and develop new products during this period. Our plan is to develop products to the world markets in Turkey. Yes, the new era is alarming, unemployment is at least as important as a virus because people need to take medicine and feed well. But we must prepare very well for this new world and digital transformation by taking the economy seriously. We should add women to the workforce more and connect with technology.

Murat Kolbaşı; Turkey should take him to China

China emphasized the importance of Turkey's Murat foreman said that this process should not take side against China. Expressing that the leadership of the USA in the world has started to move to China since 2015, Kolbaşı said: “Since America does not want to give up leadership, trade wars are taking place. There is a virus problem today, but it will be solved. World trade in 2019 approached $ 19 trillion. Almost 50% of this figure has been in these two leading countries for the past 15 years. When we look at tourism, China sends 150 million tourists and contributes to more than 275 billion dollars. Turkey is a long-term care if their relations with China and trying to improve. The wealth fund mostly signed a $ 5 billion deal with the new China. In China, which has completed the Covid process, businesses started producing between 50-75%. The outbreak will end, but this fight will not end. A newly built China is waiting for us. Since China was 100 days ahead between the first case and other countries, it created its infrastructure accordingly. And in the next period, other countries need to be fast and strategic to keep up with 100 days of China in this recovery process. ”

Deniz Country Arıboğan: We will either adapt and change or delete

Evaluating the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic on people and society, Deniz Ülke Arıboğan made the following explanations: “The world has forgotten values ​​such as human rights, morality and ethics for a long time and everyone has become self-thinking. When it was epidemic, people became much more inward. States are the main provider mechanism in such situations. People seek democracy and freedom, not security. Today, our houses have become prison. It is the first time we see the threat and we have gone from anxiety to fear. We witnessed the death of our grandparents in the homes. For the first time in the last 10-15 years, we cannot take our dead from home to the cemetery. There is a hospital period. There is also a great distrust because we think everyone around us may be carrying the virus. So everything that will bring us closer to death, actually everything we love. It was the first time we fled and what we liked most was presented to us in packages. That's why people need shelter in something. We can't stop the time. We will either change, adapt, or delete over time. We cannot escape change. Technology is a tool in this regard. Our age group could not go online without an epidemic. But now all teachers are learning everything online. Even the cardinals are at this point. People will use the online as a tool and work 2-3 hours a day to actually do enough work, the rest will be creative and socialized. Philosophy, sociology, history, anthropology will be very important. Data will be collected, these people will analyze the collected data. We must turn to multidimensional, multicultural, interdisciplinary thinking. All the moments of jamming are the time of humanity's leap at the same time. Pablo Neruda said that even if you cut off all the flowers, you cannot prevent spring from coming. This spring will come to this country. This will pass too ”.

Education for unemployed youth from Wtech and Denizbank

Dilek Duman, Denizbank COO who attended Webinar as a guest, gave information about the training they carried out with Wtech. Duman said: “With the cooperation of Denizbank, Intertech, Human Group, Wtech, we took our 20 unemployed children and provided them with SQL training. 20 of our 20 children are also very motivated. We continue in the business analyst training section. All our content is ready. We will train our unemployed youth on how business and technology understand each other. And we want to present our trained staff as a resource. These studies will continue. Our young people who listen to us, please apply to Wtech, we will choose our candidates and bring them to the business world. to provide advanced technology to our workforce in Turkey, our most important goal is to educate the working population and to reduce the unemployed among the strongest supporters of the WTECH about it. "

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