Does Covid-19 Affect Epilepsy Patients?

does covid affect epilepsy patients
does covid affect epilepsy patients

Indicating that the Covidavian outbreak caused by coronavirus may also affect epilepsy patients, experts warn that seizures may increase due to the interaction of epilepsy drugs and Covid-19 drugs.

"Epilepsy disease does not pose a risk of getting Covid-19, nor does it increase the severity of Covid-19," experts say. Neurology Specialist Celal Şalçini made warnings to epilepsy patients during the Covid-19 outbreak.

No Impact Defined So Far

Dr. Celal Şalçini said, “The vast majority of those who have had new coronavirus infections will be ill without any complaints or mild complaints, while others will be ill enough to require hospital care. Some of these patients will also have epilepsy. "No effect to Covid-19 epilepsy and seizures has been described so far," he said.

Covid-19 Drugs and Epilepsy Drugs Can Interact

Indicating that epilepsy patients should pay attention during this period, Dr. Celal Şalçini said, “Nevertheless, epilepsy patients may worsen and increase their seizures due to general condition disorder due to Covid-19 infection, increased stress, difficulty in accessing drugs, and especially interaction of epilepsy drugs and Covid-19 drugs. Patients in such a situation should be consulted with the neurologist. Especially, interaction between drugs used in the treatment of COVID-19 and epilepsy drugs may occur. This interaction list has been listed and published by the International Epilepsy Association (ILAE). ”

Epilepsy Doesn't Risk Covid-19

He noted that epilepsy is a family of diseases that cause seizures for no reason or for many different reasons. Celal Şalçini said, “Epilepsy disease does not pose a risk of catching Covid-19, nor does it increase the severity of Covid-19. We have no evidence that epilepsy disease reduces immunity. Some resistant epilepsy patients receive ACTH, cortisone, everolimus, or immune therapies, and these drugs adversely affect the immune system. Such an effect of other more commonly used drugs has not been shown so far.

Epilepsy Seizure Not a Covid 19 Marker

Dr. Celal Şalçini said, “Having an epileptic seizure alone is not a marker for a Covid-19 infection. However, having a seizure while having a febrile illness is the reason to consult a doctor. ”

Do not go to the hospital unless necessary

He noted that epilepsy patients should stay away from the hospital unless necessary. Celal Şalçini recommended that epilepsy patients contact their doctor over the phone and consult remotely if possible.

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