Ankara Niğde Motorway Construction Continues Despite Curfew

Ankara nigde highway construction continues despite street curfew
Ankara nigde highway construction continues despite street curfew

Despite the pandemic measures and curfews, the Ankara-Niğde highway did not interrupt the construction. Workers are afraid of getting sick, but they still work despite the danger that they fear more than losing their jobs. A worker on the highway says, "If anyone wants to go, they can go. Of course, we can go, if we die of our pain, it is better than insulting, but we have children, families, we are not responsible for ourselves. ”

According to the news of Bianca from Ayça Söylemez highway workers continue to work in the curfew and the curfew. A worker explained both the “normal time” working conditions and what they encountered in the epidemic with these words:
“There are about 40 subcontractors on the Ankara highway in Niğde and there are around 4 employees in total. The same uneasiness prevails in everyone. The workers have to come here by taking the death. They have no security, they are very afraid of unemployment. The ERG and subcontractor companies have around 200 workers boarding, the rest are transported morning and evening through services. The conditions are severe, the slightest resistance, and in case of objection, the layoff mechanism comes into play. For this reason, workers have to do whatever they want. ”

“We wanted a mask, they didn't even give it”

So, have minimum measures been taken against the epidemic?

The spoken worker says that they want a mask in the construction where "social distance" is not an issue and they cannot even get it:

“Our working conditions are already very heavy, sometimes we don't even have a lunch break. When it was heard in the social media that there were positive cases in construction, only disinfectant was left in the refectory. Disinfectant, used by hundreds of people in the morning and evening at the entrance of each cafeteria…

“At the beginning of the process, simulated fever was measured, yet the number of deaths and cases had not grown so much. I say show, because the job security experts were just walking around the field and measuring the fire of the workers they came across. When the deaths started to increase, some subcontractors tried to isolate their construction sites with outsiders, boarded all their employees working outside the boarding site, but I do not know why they gave up after a few days.

“ERG İnşaat, on the other hand, was busy collecting the signatures of occupational safety trainings that it did not provide at this time. He put papers in front of us in the dining hall and on the field. The workers had to sign these documents. It was written on the papers that 17-18 hours of work training was given, and when we asked the reason, it was said, "In the field, these safety trainings will be given partly, but there was not even one minute training.

“We learned that there is a positive case in the construction site located at the 13th km in the center of the company, in the subcontractors at the 50th and 90th km. We even know that the site at the 90th km was completely closed. Things still did not stop where there were so many cases. ”

“We also work in the ban, we could not go home, we stayed in the dormitory”

Could They Leave Work on Curfew?

“We spent two days at home because the adjustments could not be made in the first week of the ban, and that time was cut off from our permits and casualties. We worked the second week, we were not allowed to go home on the weekend. Since we could not return home, we stayed in dormitories. They closed the construction site to us. Here we are building roads, planting trees. What urgency and necessity are there? Who will use the road in this environment? ”

“They eat on the field with their dusty hands, the dormitory is no different from the barn”

How are Working Conditions?

“Asphalt pavers are eating on the ground with their dusty, greasy hands on the ground. They left the disinfectants at the entrance of the refectory, but the rest of them sit on their meals without washing their hands, they put their bread on their knees so that there is no soil.

“The dormitories of the subcontractors are no different from the barn, people have to sleep in 6-7-8-person wards, especially when there is a curfew and gathered at the construction sites. Even the best quality of liquid soap is deemed worthy of the worker. If we wash with soil, it is more hygienic, healthier.

“Sometimes 50-60 people eat at the dining halls, and five or six people sit at the four-person tables. 15, 16 people board the worker services at the same time. Woodworkers, mostly women workers, do not even have drink water, they bring with them. ”

ERG Construction: Purposeful, Deliberate, Biased and Unrealistic

Road workers are subcontracted, and subcontractors are ERG Construction.

ERG İnşaat announced in a written statement after the workers' complaints were heard on social media, that these claims were “purposeful, intentional, biased and unrealistic, expressed for the purpose of attrition of the institution” and legal remedies would be used:

“In the Ankara-Niğde Highway project, the recommendations of our President, the Ministry of Health, the Science Committee and the 'Precautions Against Coronavirus at Workplaces' (COVID-19) of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services. all precautions are followed. In this context, our company has taken all kinds of measures and continues to take them. In all of our highway construction sites, the relevant inspections are constantly carried out and monitored. ”

DİSK / Dev Yapı-İş “No Such Measures!” He issued a statement saying: “It gives special permission to some businesses that are not required to work and declare a curfew. Despite the curfew, ERG Construction, which builds the Ankara-Niğde Motorway, continues to work with the special permission of the Ankara Governorship. ”

The company also made another statement against it and stated that they had obtained permission to work during the ban:

“Our works are carried out within the framework of the“ Open Business, Businesses and Institutions ”related to Article 2 in the 'Curfew Circular'. This situation is not only for the ERG Construction highway project, but also includes all projects whose employees are accommodated on the construction site. Accordingly, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services at our construction site; Within the scope of the fight against coronavirus published by the Occupational Health and Safety Directorate, guidelines regarding the measures to be taken at the construction sites and all the measures published by the Ministry of Health are followed. ”

Speaking to bianet, the worker said that those who do not want to work in this process are offered a free leave option:

“If anyone wants to go, they can go. Of course we can go, if we die of our pain, it is better than insulting, but we have children, families, we are not responsible for ourselves. ”

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