Official Application Made for Istanbul Airport's 3rd Runway

An official application has been made for the runway of Istanbul airport
An official application has been made for the runway of Istanbul airport

3. Turkey's Istanbul Airport runway work with the aviation summit continues in full swing. The application for the 18rd independent runway to be ready for flight was made officially to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation on 2020 June 3.

With its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level travel experience, Istanbul Airport, which is a global hub, has come to an end in the 3rd runway preparations. June 18 will be in service by independent 3rd Istanbul airport runway, capable of independent parallel operation with this number of the first track in Turkey, it will be the second airport in Europe after the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

With the activation of the 3rd runway located east of Istanbul Airport Terminal, there will be a decrease of approximately 50 percent in the existing taxi times on domestic flights. According to the simulations, the average airplane landing time will decrease from 15 minutes to 11 minutes, and the average aircraft takeoff time will decrease from 22 minutes to 15 minutes. The second “End-Around Taxi Road”, which aims to alleviate the congestion at airports where air traffic is very busy, will be put into service with the new runway. Thus, there will be no restrictions on the movement of aircraft on the ground at Istanbul Airport, which is landing and taking off at the same time.

When the third runway that will serve as CAT III (category 2), like other 3 independent runways, Istanbul Airport will have 3 independent runways and 5 operational runways with spare runways. Thanks to the new runway, the air traffic capacity will increase from 80 aircraft take-offs per hour to the lowest 120, while the flexibility of the airways will increase. With the new runway, an average capacity of more than 2 thousand 800 landings can be reached daily.

We are working non-stop to take the travel experience at Istanbul Airport upwards…

Emphasizing that the 3rd runway of Istanbul Airport will be ready for flight on June 18 and giving information about the works, İGA Airport Operations Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Kadri Samsunlu; “We are having a challenging year for the aviation industry, but we see this break as an opportunity to carry the travel experience at Istanbul Airport to the highest level. We anticipate that we will quickly overcome the stagnation we have experienced in the past few months. Our new track will also support us here. We made our application to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation that our 3rd runway will be ready for flight on June 18, 2020. As with all processes of construction, we are proud to complete this phase on time. There will be serious reductions in domestic taxi times, which we have been criticized during the operation. Thus, all our passengers will have a perfect customer experience at Istanbul Airport. We will also bring our service quality claim to the top with comfort and time savings. In particular, I would like to underline once again that; Istanbul Airport is the biggest infrastructure investment in the history of the Republic and the most important economic asset of our country. It will be the driving force in the development of our country. ” he spoke.

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