16 Million Support for Public Transport Trades from Kocaeli Metropolitan

million support for the public transport trades from Kocaeli city
million support for the public transport trades from Kocaeli city

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın will realize the support that will be “life water” for public transport trades. A total of 19 million TL will be provided to the public transport tradesmen who fulfill the 3 conditions of the Metropolitan.


After the coronavirus epidemic affecting the whole world, Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın carried out important works such as postponing receivables and rents, canceling water cuts with the help of food and hygiene. Mayor Büyükakın is gathering the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council to realize the support that will be “life water” for the public transport shopkeeper.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Büyükakın called the Assembly to an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday, April 22nd. Projects prepared to reduce the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-15.00) epidemic on economic and social life will be submitted to parliament's approval in the parliament, which will meet on Wednesday at 19.


In the controls and inspections carried out since the first day of the epidemic, the average number of trips per day, which was around 600 thousand before the infectious disease, decreased by 85% after the infectious disease epidemic. It was decided to operate with a capacity of -600%, in line with the decisions taken during the service, which fell from 80 thousand to 50 thousand, and that the public transport trades continued to travel on these difficult days.


In this context, in order to ensure that the people of Kocaeli travel in a healthier and safer environment with the decisions and practices taken, to comply with all expedition hours planned and approved by the Metropolitan Municipality, as of March 15, due to the Coronovirus outbreak. Support will be provided by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the vehicles that comply with the decisions and circulars issued by the Presidency and the Ministry of Interior and which comply with the decisions and circulars and the public transportation vehicles that carry free citizens.


Provided that it is fully implemented, the public transportation vehicles will be 7 TL for public transportation vehicles over 1,25 meters per kilometer by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 7 TL for public transportation vehicles under 1,00 meters, in a way that does not exceed the period specified in the law, for a total of approximately 3 million in 16 months. Support payments will be made around TL.


In the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality council, the location of the 400-bed field hospital, which is being built in Derince, will be requested to be transferred to the Ministry of Health, the construction of the City hospital tram line to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

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