Yeniceabat Connection Road Completed and Opened to Traffic

yeniceabat connection road completed and opened to traffic
yeniceabat connection road completed and opened to traffic

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality completed the Yeniceabat connection road, which is an important alternative route within the scope of transportation investments and connects to the west of the city and Yunuseli Canal via Panayır Junction and opened it to traffic.

In Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has made great efforts to prevent transportation from being a problem with works such as road expansion, bridges and junctions, promoting public transportation, rail system signalization optimization, and making existing roads healthier, creates alternative routes to reduce the load of urban transportation. . The works on the Yenicebat connection road, which is one of these studies and extends from the Panayır junction over the Yalova road to the Yunuseli Canal, to the west. The Yeniceabat connection road, which is about 850 meters long, connects the Yalova road from Panayır Köprülü Intersection to Yunuseli Canal and its neighborhoods with alternative new routes in the west direction. Within the scope of the works, 8 tons of hot asphalt was applied to the 1500-meter-wide section of the road, while the 12-meter-wide road was designed as a one-way, one-way and two-sided pedestrian road. The construction of Yeniceabat Bridge and Yunuseli Canal bridges on the route has also been completed. The road, which cost 5 million TL in total, 6 million TL for expropriation, has also significantly reduced the traffic in the region.

We are committed to transportation

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş also examined the Yeniceabat connection road where the works were completed and received information about the new route from Gazali Şen, the Head of Transportation Department. Expressing that the main agenda of Bursa is transportation and they are working hard to solve this problem, Mayor Aktaş said, “We are at the hands of all points where transportation is a problem, especially for novices. We are trying to relieve this process through road expansion works, bridges and crossroads and new roads. Yeniceabat connection road is also a place that concerns the north of the city, behind Terminal and Terminal. Our works have been completed and connection to Yunuseli Canal has been provided from Panayır Junction to the west. We are committed to traffic and transportation. We put forward all our efforts to make Bursa people more comfortable in traffic. Yeniceabat connection road, which is an indicator of our determination, should be beneficial for our region. ”

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