German Design Giant Yacht Awarded from Turkish Design Office

yacht of the german industrial giant from the turkish design office
yacht of the german industrial giant from the turkish design office

“ICE Kite” is a 64 m super yacht designed by a Dutch entrepreneur, the Dutch engineering team Dykstra Naval Architects, who has signed the world's most prestigious projects in the field of yacht design with the international award-winning Turkish yacht design firm Red Yacht Design. Its sophisticated lines and architectural use of glass give it a privilege among other super yachts of similar properties. Once built, it will be the longest yacht under 500 gross tons. “Think out side the box)” is the main slogan of the project.

Exterior Features

During the design phase of the ICE project, Red Yacht Design, Dykstra Naval Architects and yacht owner worked hard to provide maximum comfort under 500 GT (gross ton) and used their expertise. One of the main design features of the yacht is the use of glass, which is more than yachts of this length. The main goal is to provide a stunning view, while the indoor spaces get more light and integrate with the outdoors. Glass living spaces and wide outdoor spaces provide the owner with an endless feeling of openness on the yacht. The main inspiration for the exterior design comes from nature, the best known designer ever. The yacht owner asked Red Yacht Design to design a yacht inspired by sea animals, making it feel like it was an integral part of the sea.

ICE Kite has an open area of ​​475 m2. The beach area at the stern of the main deck has a large opening with a pool and sunbathing areas at different levels. Twelve-person dining table and bar area maximize outdoor pleasure with family and friends. There is a heliport on the bow to touch and go in the desolate and non-accessible coves to facilitate the transportation to the bed.

The open spaces on the fly bridge deck offer both privacy and a party with a full-fledged bar and barbecue, as well as the view. You can pamper yourself in the generous Jacuzzi area surrounded by large beds for fun while sunbathing.

Internal features

The main hall consists of two visually interconnected sections: the main hall and the Kite (kite) hall, thereby providing an uninterrupted view from the stern to the bow. The main hall is suitable for relaxing at any time of the day and hosting all guests in the indoor area, and The Kite Lounge, which can be turned into an indoor dining area at the top of this area, is specially designed to watch the kite's hypnotizing flight while cruising. This extraordinary area is surrounded by glass and offers a 180-degree view.

10 people can be accommodated in four comfortable cabins on the lower deck. The most surprising feature of the lower deck is the direct connection to the cabin of the yacht owner, but the SPA area, which can be opened to guests without sacrificing privacy. The yacht owner can decide whether to enjoy the SPA alone or with his guests.

The full width generous cabin of the yacht owner, descending with a separate access from the main deck, with two separate bathrooms, office and a separate resting area, was designed to meet all his expectations.

At the front of the lower deck is the crew section designed with all the needs carefully listened to.


ICE Kite is a yacht with real green technologies, designed to constantly travel around the world. Together, the designer, yacht owner and engineering team combine the kite sail with a low-resistance hull and optimum diesel engine consumption. The yacht owner plans to manage the use of the yacht with a partial ownership program, again with the philosophy of using resources reasonably and effectively.

The hull is designed to be efficient not only at maximum speeds but across all speed ranges. Another important feature is that it offers higher comfort with better sea holding and wave reduction.

The body of the ICE Kite is designed as an aluminum structure, and the upper building as a carbon fiber to minimize weight. ICE Kite has a maximum speed of 2 knots with 735 X 17,4 KW main engine.

ICE Ghost (Support Yacht)

ICE Ghost is a 26 m yacht support ship specially designed for the needs of its owner, with its outer design adapted to the main yacht ICE Kite. He will roam continuously behind ICE Kite and carry the toys of the main yacht to remote locations where the owner wants.

Among the toys he will carry are the Icon A5 aircraft, the U Boat worx Super yacht Sub 3 submarine, a 12 m specially designed tender boat with a speed of 60 knots, and two Sea doo jet-skis designed and produced by Red Yacht Design. Under the deck there is a large garage for diving equipment and a maintenance area for toys. There is a 6-ton crane in the center of the main deck for launching operations.

The main deck turns into a large party area after all the toys are thrown into the sea. To efficiently serve guests, the kitchen is located on the main deck. Four guests or additional crew can be accommodated in two comfortable twin guest cabins on the lower deck.

ICE Ghost will be built according to the CE Ocean Category A classification. Considering the harsh sea conditions, its body will be made of steel and the upper building will be made of carbon fiber. ICE Ghost has a maximum speed of 2 knots with 800X 20 HP main engines.

The owner stated that he is considering building the main yacht and support yacht in a Dutch or Turkish shipyard. More information will be announced after construction begins.

Technicial Specifications

Length Overall: 64.2m.
Width: 10.8 m.
Draft: 1.76 m.
Material: Aluminum body and Carbon Reinforced Composite Superstructure
Engines: 2 X Man V8 (735kW)
Maximum Speed: 17.4Knot
Deplasman: 450 ton
Electric Auxiliary Drive: 80 kW
Kite Area: 160 m²
Fuel Tank Capacity: 45.000 L.
Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 12.000 L.

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