Turkey's Country Stop Flight Number Rises to 68

Flight of Turkiyenin Durdurdug Country Number Yuksel edi
Flight of Turkiyenin Durdurdug Country Number Yuksel edi

As of 19, flights to 17.00 countries will be stopped as part of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-46) measures. Thus, the number of countries that Turkey stop flights will increase to 68.

The close Turkey's air traffic with the recent decision of 68 countries will occur as follows: Germany, Angola, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Algeria, Djibouti, Chad, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Dominica, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Philippines, Finland, France, Guatemala, South Korea, Georgia, India, Netherlands, Iraq, Iran Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Cameroon, Canada, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Kenya, TRNC, Colombia , Kosovo, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Latvia, Lebanon, Hungary, Egypt, Mongolia, Moldova, Mauritania, Nepal, Niger, Norway, Uzbekistan, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Oman and Jordan.

unilateral decision to discontinue flights to Turkey currently fields with Russia, Qatar and the number of countries that interrupted air traffic agreement with Libya has reached 71 in total.

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