Turkey Statistics Institute 9 Contract staff to Make Purchases

turkey statistical agency contract must be done computing staff scholar
turkey statistical agency contract must be done computing staff scholar

Turkey Statistical Institute of Information Technology to be employed full-time at the disposal of Department, based on the addition of Decree No. 375 Decree Law Article 6 of 31/12/2008 dated and 27097 numbered Official Gazette "Large-Scale Information of Public Institutions In accordance with the 8th article of the Regulation on the Principles and Procedures Regarding the Employment of Contracted IT Staff in the Transaction Units, 9 (Nine) Contracted IT Staffs will be recruited.

In the selection of candidates to take the oral exam to be held by our Agency; 2018 or 2019 Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) P3 score and a foreign language level assessment exam (YDS / e - YDS) valid in English or equivalent foreign language exams accepted by the Higher Education Council in this language will be taken as basis. (Foreign language exam result documents are valid for 5 years unless the validity period is specified on the document.) Candidates can apply for only one of the announced positions.

Applications, Turkey Statistics Authority website www.tuik.gov.tr. address found Job Request Form is complete and correct manner after filling together with other documents later than 30 day of the end of overtime to (03:2020) until Turkey Statistics Institution State Quarter Necatibey Caddesi No: 18 00 Ministry Çankaya / ANKARA found at Turkey Statistics Institution, to be submitted to the Personnel Department or to the address mentioned in the application deadline will be made by emailing. Applications that come after this date due to delays in mail and other reasons, and those who submit missing documents or unsigned Job Request forms will not be evaluated.

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