What Will TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ Subcontractors Work?

tudemsas canvas and tulomsas taseron employees
tudemsas canvas and tulomsas taseron employees

Transport and Railway Employees Rights Union President Abdullah Peker said in a written statement that Sivaslı should protect TÜDEMSAŞ, Eskişehir, TÜLOMSAŞ and Adapazarlı TÜVASAŞ.

Peker said, “Subcontractors, worker officers and security guards at TÜVASAŞ TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ are waiting for concern.

”There is no project, neither a prior knowledge nor a project prepared for our people who work as subcontractors in the three subsidiaries but whose staff walls cannot be removed. This situation created intense unrest among the staff and negatively affected the work efficiency. As a union, the subcontractor and security staff problem should be solved without meeting the three subsidiaries under the umbrella of TÜRASAŞ. This situation should not remain ambiguous, job security of the subcontractor should be urgently provided. ”

In this case, confusion has become intense in our workers and officers working in three subsidiaries. We say that people who have nothing to do with the subject go out to TV and comment clearly.

A number of unions say it would be useful to unite. We, as the union, believe that the issue of uniting the issue by explaining it to our President in detail and the immediate abandonment of TÜRASAŞ will contribute to both the local economy and the national economy.

When a merger occurs under the roof of TÜRASAŞ, local tradesmen in the province will be clearly victimized.
The local market will come to a recession as supplies and materials will be supplied from the center.

These three subsidiaries (TÜVASAŞ TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ) can be modernized by staying in the old position and enabling them to produce more effectively.

We have been bringing the issue of consolidation into the agenda of the country and local media for two years. A number of individuals started showcasing in newspapers and TVs on the day of the decision. This clearly means mocking the mind of Eskişehir Adapazarı and Sivas people.

I invite our citizens from Sivas, Eskişehir and Adapazar to have their institutions. I request that they never be democratic and out of the law when embracing it. ” made the explanation.


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