Training Program for Passenger Transport Vehicle Drivers Started in Mersin

training program for passenger car drivers in Mersin has started
training program for passenger car drivers in Mersin has started

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap, the first lesson of the driver training program, launched by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation in order to make urban transportation more modern and safe, to select the drivers using public transportation vehicles and taxis from reliable people and to register the drivers. It was held in the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles with the participation of Seçer.

President Seçer stated that they are determined in this regard and said, “We have embarked on this business, saying that it is important for the future of Mersin, for the peace on the street. "As seen in the Ozgecan incident, which really upset us, a bad image for Mersin, especially Tarsus, drug addicts should not be in these professions."

“Your job is really hard work”

Before the meeting, Seçer was informed about the disinfection works of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles that will be applied against the epidemic of Corana virus in a thousand commercial taxis in Mersin.

Addressing drivers and line owners later, President Seçer said, “The work you do is really hard. In order to gain your children's sustenance, so to speak, you are trying to do business on the sofa. "It is a profession that is at risk of being injured as a result of an accident.

“We embarked on this business for peace on the street”

Expressing that they care about the trainings to be given to the drivers of passenger transport vehicles, President Seçer said:

“An important training process will begin. Why is it important? Let me start with my own experiences. I became the mayor, our main challenge was the drivers driving the city buses. We struggled with many unnecessary so-called chauffeurs who abused the citizen, harmed the citizen, abused our old citizens, drank tea at the wheel, smoked, made all kinds of unpleasant movements, endangered passenger safety, spoke on the phone, spoke to the phone. We dismissed what we recorded in minutes, and we dismissed what we could not record at the cost of compensation. We get new drivers. We care about women. We bought 33 female friends at the first purchases. Finally, 184 drivers were recruited. 27 women applied, there were 17 people who were eligible, all of them were taken. This issue was determined in parliament decision in 2017. There was a problem with the fee. With the work of our friends, it was reduced from 600 to 300 liras. Committed. We embarked on this business, saying that it is important for the future of Mersin, for the peace in the street. As seen in the Ozgecan incident, which really upset us, a bad image for Mersin, especially Tarsus, drug addicts should not be in these professions. They are also our citizens, but they should not perform such a profession. The state takes them and treats them. But it should not be in such a job. There shouldn't be a guilty man. There shouldn't be a person who tends to commit a crime. Now we create a structure free of them. The applications of people with such characteristics are rejected, they will not be able to receive this training. ”

The cards will replace SRC document and will not be able to use a commercial vehicle without a card.

Stating that there are around 6 thousand drivers in Mersin and that 4 thousand 985 commercial vehicles provide transportation services to 450 to 500 thousand citizens every day, Seçer said that they aim to reach and train all the drivers in the province in about 1,5 years. Stating that the trainers from Akdeniz, Tarsus, Silifke and Anamur will attend, the trainers from the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, Mersin University and Public Education Center, Seçer said that the courses will be given traffic, first aid, communication, and psychotechnical lessons.

Seçer said, “At the end of the courses, you will have a card. These cards will also replace the SRC document. None of our friends who do not have this card will be able to take part in public transport. In other words, we are taking this under control and disciplining it. We record it. These are the trainings in big cities. We are a modern city. We are determined in this business. ”

“Mersin, in safe hands”

President Seçer also emphasized that Mersin is a safe, peaceful city in meeting with drivers and line owners of passenger transport vehicles. Seçer said, “Mersin is a safe city. Everyone's morale is in place. Mersin is in safe hands. Mersin is managed by knowledgeable staff. First of all, let me underline that we have a well-intentioned management approach. We can make some mistakes. But don't take it wrong. We are not in the wrong things. Our decision may be inaccurate, incomplete, lack of information. But we can fix them all. Our experience, our knowledge, our love of homeland, our fear of God, our love of humanity, thank God we all have it. So relax. If I became Mayor of Mersin, I have been with your support. One in two people chose me. This is important, it is valuable. People who have not voted for my party so far and are not from my world view have voted for me. We know the value of this. We also get this message. Everyone is comfortable, we will embrace everyone that we are doing so. Mersin is a strong city, a city with a future. Not in Mersin, Turkey is not a city candidate for the world's leading cities in between, "he said.

Driver trainings will be given at 4 points

Driver trainings will be given at 4 points: Akdeniz, Tarsus, Silifke and Anamur. Drivers who do not have a criminal record or criminal record and have no drug addiction will be able to attend the training. At the end of the training, the participant drivers will be given a passenger transport card and those who do not have this card will not be able to use vehicles such as taxis, minibuses or public buses. Thus, all passenger transport drivers in Mersin will consist of trained people, such vehicles will be safer for citizens.

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