World's Oldest Railway Revolving Bridge

the oldest railway doner bridge in the world
the oldest railway doner bridge in the world

The oldest railway rotating bridge in the world was discovered in England. The revolving bridge, which belongs to the 19th century, was used to change the direction of locomotives.

In Birmingham, England, the oldest railroad rolling bridge in the world was discovered. The revolving bridge (HS19), determined to be from the 2th century, was discovered during excavations in the construction of a high-speed railway.

"The revolving bridge was found next to the old Curzon Street station, which was the first railway terminal built in the city's growth period, serving in the center of Birmingham," HS2 said in a statement. The revolving bridge, built by 19th century engineer Robert Stephenson, was reported to be operational on November 12, 1837.

Revolving bridges were used to change the direction of locomotives and are still used today in maintenance stations. The revolving bridge in Birmingham was built two years earlier than the revolving bridge previously located in Derby, England, and is now the oldest in the world with its discovery.

Another discovery was made during the construction of the railway project HS2, which connects London to Birmingham. The long-lost remains of British explorer Captain Matthew Flinders, who gave his name to Australia, were discovered in London.

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