TCDD Vehicle Fleet Uninsured

tcdd vehicle fleet without insurance
tcdd vehicle fleet without insurance

CHP's Deniz Yavuzyılmaz announced that there is no insurance “9 YHT sets, 664 locomotives, 101 electric train sets, 952 passenger wagons, 17 thousand freight wagons”.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), about 5 billion pounds worth of insurance tools appeared. Deniz Yavuzyilmaz, deputy of CHP Zonguldak, said that the institution will bear the damage in any accident.

CumhuriyetAccording to the news of Hazal Ocak: “The Court of Accounts noted in the TCDD 2018 Audit Report that“ high costs occurred due to the damage caused by high-speed train sets and towed vehicles as a result of railway accidents. ” The Court of Accounts had suggested that these vehicles be covered by accident insurance and passenger personal accident insurance. It was learned that the institution had “third party financial liability insurance covering 2019 and 2020 and personal accident insurance to cover regional, outline and YHT passengers”. It was reported that risk analysis studies for the insurance of railway vehicles are continuing.

The TCDD 2017-2018 KIT Subcommittee meeting, which also discussed this issue, was held on February 20. Information about the vehicle fleet of TCDD was shared at the meeting. Accordingly, there are 664 locomotives, 19 high speed trains, 104 diesel train sets, 101 electric train sets, 952 passenger wagons and 17 thousand freight wagons owned by TCDD.


It was noted at the meeting that there was an interesting dialogue about the insurance of these vehicles.

CHP Zonguldak MP Deniz Yavuzyilmaz, who was present at the meeting, asked the “general manager of high-speed trains”, which was not insured, “Do you have a car or if you have insurance?” The general manager replied "Yes". Yavuzyılmaz said what happened at the meeting in question: 'Then you will insure these trains, dear General Manager'. 'If you cannot solve this business with domestic insurance companies, let us take action as deputies to establish an insurance company in the Parliament, like the formation of Ray Sigorta, just before it was sold, in the state institutions. Let's establish this together ', I said.

Otherwise, it should be known that as of 2020, TCDD vehicle fleet has a total of 19 YHT sets, 664 locomotives, 101 electric train sets, 952 passenger wagons, 17 thousand freight wagons and this railway, whose total market value exceeds 5 billion TL. None of their vehicles have insurance. ”




    1. In order not to enrich the insurance companies, the institution insures it from its own fund.