TCDD Transportation Train Machinist Trainee Selection Result

tcdd transportation train driver trainee selection result
tcdd transportation train driver trainee selection result

For the list of the main and reserve candidates who are entitled to attend the train driver course to be held in 2020 in cooperation with TCDD Tasimacilik ve Is-Kur. Click here.

1st and 2nd group train mechanic course 30/03/2020 3rd and 4th group train driver course on 01/06/2020 will begin on.

The main candidates who are entitled to attend the course are required to perform the following procedures before the psychotechnical examination.

  1. The health committee will receive a report from the Full-Fledged State Hospitals or any of the Official University Hospitals. (For Hospital List click here) In the Health Board Report;
    • Boy,
    • BMI: Body Mass Index,
    • TA: Blood pressure (Should be specified if the person is hypertensive and uses medication).
    • Biochemistry tests including Whole Blood Test, Liver and Kidney Functions,
    • AKŞ, HbA1C, TKŞ or OGTT,
    • ECG,
    • Eye examinations (Visual acuity, Color Vision ISHIARA result and other pathologies, if any) should be explained.
    • Audiometry (Pure Sound Average for both ears and, if any, significant losses at high or low frequencies should be indicated).
    • Screening Test (for drugs and stimulants)
    • Other Branch Exam Results: Previous diseases, operations and other pathological results should be specified.
    • Those who have no problem should say "normal examination findings" or "sound".
  2. In the section where the members of the board are signed on the front page of the health board reports received; eye, ear, nose, throat, internal medicine, neurology, general surgery, psychiatry, orthopedics and traumatology, cardiology must be signed by physicians. In the decision section of the report, the phrase "works as a train driver" should be included.

The address to be used in sending documents by mail;


Corporate Safety Management Department TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ Headquarters Annex Building Gazi Mahallesi, Marşandiz Mevki Pigeon Road Yenimahalle / ANKARA

Phone: 0312 309 05 15 / 71604

  1. Psychotechnical Examination Appointment will be taken for the candidates whose health conditions are appropriate after the evaluation made in the Health Board Reports. Appointment dates will be created by the Corporate Safety Management Department, and the 210,00 TL psychotechnical examination fee will be paid in cash by the candidates themselves.
  2. The day, hour and address of the Psychotechnical Examination appointments will be notified to the candidates via SMS.
  3. On the day of the appointment given to the candidates for the Psychotechnical Examination, documents will be delivered at the place of the examination.
  4. Documents to be requested from candidates;
    • Health Board Report to be obtained from Full-fledged State Hospitals or any of the Public University Education and Research Hospitals (approved by the group determiner)
    • Certified Population Card Example,
    • Address Statement
    • 2 Photographs (taken in the last 6 months)
    • Dismissal Certificate (for male candidates) or military status certificate (31.12.2020) until deferred)
    • Document showing 2018 KPSS Associate Degree,
    • Criminal record (taken in the last two months)
    • Psychotechnical Examination Form (The attached form will be filled and the photo will be pasted after printing).
    • Diploma Copy
  5. Those who do not come to the Psychotechnical Examination appointment and those who come with missing documents will not be given an appointment on another date.
  6. Instead of the actual candidates who are not able to pass the exams, who do not come or whose documents are missing, a call will be made from the candidates in the backup list, respectively, by SMS according to the above methods.


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