Samsun TSO High Advisory Board Meets

samsun tso high abuse board meets
samsun tso high abuse board meets

At the High Advisory Board Meeting established within Samsun TSO, views were exchanged on the future of Samsun.

The High Advisory Board, created from the business world within the Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO), came together under the chairmanship of Salih Zeki Murzioğlu. President Samsun TSO Board of Directors at the opening of the meeting, Salih Zeki Murzioğl of Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union held that the purpose of the High Council Advisory formed in accordance with legislation, economic, trade and create views that will contribute to industrial development, said that the monitor and evaluate existing studies.

Many important projects were brought to Samsun

In his speech, Mayor Murzioğlu informed the Board members about the projects they have done during their tenure and said, “After we took office, we realized many important projects on behalf of Samsun. Samsun Fair and Congress Center, Technopark, Logistics Center, Logistics Center horizontal closed warehouse project, Metal Metrology and Calibration Laboratory, Var in Samsun, Buy for Samsun Campaign, Samsun Days event in Russia Krasnador by providing the participation of furniture and food industry, health equipment , food, furniture and construction area covering the Ministry of Economy of International Development of the Competitiveness Project, Eximbank Samsun Office and the opening of the Foreign Trade Support Office, specialized Vocational Training Centers Ability'10 Project, SME employees and Improvement Project of Employers of Compliance in the Global Economy Ability in Turkey 7X24 Secure Electronic Signed Document Service Project, which we have implemented for the first time and which is an example for Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, is the opening of the Central Registry Registration System, Common Benefit for Registered Employment; Dialogue and Cooperation Project, EU-Turkey Business Bridges of Cooperation and Understanding Through More Empowerment Project, are just some of the work we do to gain the new building, room service. And we have implemented many projects for the development of our Samsun like this. Hopefully, since the day we took office, we will bring a new center organized industrial zone and the support of our MPs, Governor and Metropolitan Municipality to our city, which we have been emphasizing with great insistence and we have taken a long distance. ”

The aim is to contribute to the development of Samsun

Underlining that they have been in a dialogue with every segment since taking office, Mayor Murzioğlu said, “We paid attention to doing our projects by exchanging views and consultation. We created a spirit of partnership with our room in Samsun. The meeting of the city around the common mind lies behind the success of all projects implemented. Now, with this committee, we aim to further increase our contribution to our city and country in line with this common mind. Your ideas and opinions are very important to us. Our goal is to contribute to the development of Samsun in every field. ”

The meeting ended after the exchange of views on the work to be done on behalf of Samsun and the economy of Samsun.

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