Safety Does Not Allow Coronavirus Opportunities

safety does not allow coronavirus dealers
safety does not allow coronavirus dealers

On March 09-28 for those identified by police teams that they sold goods at exorbitant prices and endangered the health of citizens. 30 in operations organized in the province 160 the person was detained.

With the instructions of the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, operations against the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) turn into an opportunity, and operations against those engaged in illegal activities continue.

Operations organized under the coordination of the Directorate General for Combating Smuggling and Organized Crime by the General Directorate of Security, police officers from the provincial police departments combating smuggling, combating financial crimes and security branch offices.

09 Operations Organized in 28 Cities on March 30-105

In operations

  • 2 million 500 bin mask,
  • 142 bin glove,
  • 175 bin 608 bottle disinfectant,
  • 2 bin 506 bottle of cologne,
  • 9 bin 840 liter of ethyl,
  • 4 bin 933 liter isopropyl,
  •  34With 0 liters of methyl alcohol 15 bin 731 liter of chemical substance,
  • 1521 used in making masks with overalls 50 bin 700 meters of fabric were seized.

Detained on grounds of illegal activities 160 Judicial and administrative proceedings were made against the suspect.

Among the crimes against the suspects, the Turkish Criminal Code to disrupt the health of people by disrupting the characteristics of all kinds of goods used and consumedmaking or selling medicines that endanger people's lives and health, "To produce, possess, sell, or transport the substance that contains poison and is subject to permission to produce, possess or sell ve to influence prices s Opposition to the relevant articles of Industrial Property and Turkish Commercial Laws took place.

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