Customer to Market, Bus Restriction Has Arrived

Passenger anger came to the customer bus at the markets
Passenger anger came to the customer bus at the markets

The Ministry of Internal Affairs sent an additional circular to the 81 Provincial Governorships in the fight against the coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak. Circular was arranged with the working hours of the markets and the number of customers shopping in the markets. In addition, all urban and intercity public transport vehicles will temporarily accept passengers at 50% of the passenger carrying capacity specified in the vehicle license.

As in many countries with the circular sent to the Ministry of Interior governorship Turkey also extremely dangerous new type of in terms of human life Coronavirus (Covidien-19) The number of casualties and incidents all over the world because of the outbreak was noted that continued to rise.

In the circular, it was reminded again that the main risk factor in the Covid-19 outbreak is the places where the citizens are located collectively due to the high / rapid infectiousness of the virus.

For this reason, it was stated that precautions were taken with all the institutions of the state and the activities of many public places were prevented to prevent the spread of this epidemic and threatening the lives of the citizens, and the rules to be followed in this context were determined and shared with the citizens.

In order to prevent the epidemic as soon as possible, the measures taken in the circular, which indicated that it is deemed necessary to take additional measures for markets and passenger transportation vehicles within and between cities, are as follows:

All markets in the province / districts will serve between 09:00 and 21:00. The maximum number of customers in the market will be one tenth of the total area (excluding warehouses, administrative offices, etc.) that serve the customer directly. For example, if the area of ​​the market offered to the customers is 100 square meters, there will be a maximum of 10 customers at the same time.

All markets will announce the maximum number of customers that can be found inside the market by hanging them on the market entries. It will take the necessary measures to find the specified number of customers inside. If there are a specified number of customers in the market, no other customers will be taken in until the customer leaves. Markets will also remind that customers waiting to enter should wait at least one meter away, and a poster stating this issue will be hung so that it can be seen at the entrance of the market.

All public and intercity public transportation vehicles (including intercity passenger buses) in provinces / districts; will accept 50% of the passenger carrying capacity stated in the vehicle license; The way the passengers in the vehicle will sit will prevent the passengers from touching each other.

The necessary decisions are taken by the Governor / District Governors regarding the measures in question within the framework of the General Sanitary Law and other legislative provisions, and the planning / implementation of the ones related to the public transportation vehicles in cooperation with the provincial / district municipalities, and the urgent planning and implementation of the traffic police. and requested that all problems be followed in practice by following the issue by our law enforcement units.

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