MOTAŞ Carries Out Extensive Disinfection Works

motas conducts extensive disinfection studies
motas conducts extensive disinfection studies

Continuing its efforts to maximize customer satisfaction, MOTAŞ constantly carries out its vehicles every day in order to transport passengers more cleanly.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ buses and trams that serve thousands of passengers every day make them ready for service in the garages every night after cleaning by internal and external cleaning.

MOTAŞ, which gives great importance to cleaning in order to ensure that Malatya travels in a healthier and hygienic environment, is tried to prevent possible diseases by spraying at bus stops as well as cleaning of buses and trams.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ, within the scope of these works carried out by citizens to carry with cleaner, more hygienic vehicles, all interior surfaces of the vehicles, roof, rear-lower parts of passenger seats, windows, advertisement screens, passenger handles, door tops, driver's place, ventilation covers, All metal surfaces in the vehicle are made by steamed machines, medicated and hygienic cleaning staff.

After these internal cleaning works, the vehicles are made ready for the first time in the morning after the external cleaning is done.

Kernek Complex was also sprayed

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality was sprayed by teams in Kernek Complex, which is used by thousands of students daily.

The Kernek Complex was medicated thoroughly by the personnel equipped with a steam fogging machine and became hygienic.

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