Coronavirus Prevention in Public Transportation in İzmir

mass transportation coronavirus in izmir
mass transportation coronavirus in izmir

A special cleaning work has been initiated in İzmir to combat viruses at public stations.

In addition to routine cleaning activities in the subway, tram and buses in İzmir, disinfection against viruses and bacteria has also been initiated. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Branch Directorate firstly sprayed after the cleaning works in the 182 vehicle fleet consisting of 38 metro vehicles and 220 tram vehicles. The same work was done at the metro stations and tram stops.

ESHOT General Directorate started disinfection works on approximately 1450 buses that provide public transportation every day.

No harm to health

Water-based chemicals are used for virus and bacteria removal. Chemicals that are not harmful to human and environmental health do not leave stains. The study, which was started to prevent the world-threatening corona virus epidemic, is also being carried out in all schools in Izmir.

İZDENİZ will also do

Similar to the special cleaning work initiated on public transportation vehicles on land, it will be carried out in the sea vehicles belonging to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality IZDENIZ General Directorate. Next week, a special cleaning operation will be launched against viruses and bacteria on all ships and the application will continue to be carried out regularly during off-hours.

Nightly cleaning in public transportation

Cleaning works are carried out every night in the businesses of İZBAN, Metro, Tram, ESHOT and İZDENİZ. Specialist teams with hygiene and sanitation certificates clean the seats, mop floors, wipe windows and side surfaces in all public transportation vehicles. The handles, handrails and handrails that passengers come into contact with are also disinfected. In all these processes, TSE approved cleaning products that are not harmful to human health are used.

İZBAN trains are cleaned and cleaned every day between 01.30-05.30 at the workshop in Çiğli, Aliağa, Menemen, Cumaovası, Torbalı, Tepeköy and Selçuk stations. Air conditioning filters are cleaned every two weeks, supported by antibacterial air conditioner odors.

182 subway and 38 tram cars are also washed automatically in the brush washing unit every day; disinfection fluid is pulverized and made ready for operation. Materials such as armchairs, handles are removed at certain intervals and cleaned in detail.

External washing of more than 1400 buses is carried out in seven garages across the city, in recycled washing units. Buses also undergo disinfection every two weeks.

On the ships within İZDENİZ, cleaning and disinfection procedures are carried out every night from 23.00. Seats, elevators, floors, glass and side surfaces, handrails, handrails, toilets and sinks are also cleaned.

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