Karabük Zonguldak Train Carries 117 Thousand Passengers

karabuk zonguldak train thousand passengers
karabuk zonguldak train thousand passengers

Karabük Train Station carried out 2019 million 5 thousand 201 tons of cargo and 613 thousand 117 passengers in 657.

Governor Fuat Gürel, who visited Karabük Train Station within the scope of institution audits, was welcomed by TCDD Operation Manager Hakan Göyneksiz, Train Station Manager Aydın Çeştepe and institution staff.

Heading to the presentation by giving information about the history of Karabük Train Station, the structuring of State Railways, its mission and vision, Çeştepe said that there are also 8 Directorate of State in our country where the General Directorate of State Railways of Turkey was built as 7 Regional Directorate.

He said that the Directorate of Karabük Station, which is located at the 2 km of the Irmak-Zonguldak line, which is connected to the 293nd Regional Directorate in Ankara, was built in 1932 and the opening of the line was carried out in 1935, and 12.532 km of the 119 km railway network was within the provincial borders. He said that they are deployed on 159,729 m2 operating area.

He said that the railway network within the provincial borders started with Kayadibi Station in Zonguldak direction and ended with İsmetpaşa station in Çankırı direction and there are also Yeşil Yenice and Eskipazar Stations.

Since passenger transportation is carried out between Karabük Zonguldak, Çeştepe said that this transportation was mutually carried out with 4 passenger trains, and that 2019 tickets were sold in 117.657 for trains operating between Karabük and Zonguldak due to road works.

Expressing that freight transportation is carried out by 6 trains between Zonguldak-Karabük-Ülkü and 10 trains between Çankırı-Karabük, especially since the majority of Kardemir's raw material transports are carried out by trains belonging to TCDD transportation. He stated that 2019 tons were transported and the amount corresponds to approximately 5.201,613% of the transports carried out by TCDD.

He added that the opening of the Filyos port will make a positive contribution to the number and diversity of the cargo, and that the transport is planned to increase to 9 million tons.

Overseas transportation of Turkey - Europe, Turkey - Middle East and Turkey - that made the Central Asian countries in our region, especially in this context that the transport performed abroad by making exports to Iran. In 2019, a total of 2176 tons of various freight wagons were transported abroad and 507.701,97. TL said that revenue was obtained.

In line with the investments carried out in order to improve, develop and make the existing railway network more efficient, new investments are being continued and signaled with the resources provided from the European Union within the scope of the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Rehabilitation project. He also said that he continues to work on project designing to electrification of the same line.

The construction of an underpass for the crossing from the Toki Residences in Çayan District is completed with the work of building an overpass over the railway in the city center of Karabük. He stated that the construction of a waiting area for the stops within the city borders has started and the renovation works will start in 2020 within the scope of the restoration project of the Karabük - İsmetpaşa - Eskipazar station buildings.

Governor Fuat Gürel thanked the Station Manager Aydın Çeşteye for the information he provided and wished success to the staff of the institution.



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