New Measures Taken Against Coronavirus in Izmir

New measures have been taken against coronavirus in Izmir
New measures have been taken against coronavirus in Izmir

📩 17/03/2020 11:00

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who stated that the main duty of a mayor is to protect the city. Tunç Soyer, said that they are working to carry the 8-year-old heritage to the next generations in the best way possible.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality established a "Science Board" in order to shed light on municipal studies in the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19). Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer A series of decisions taken by the Scientific Committee, which held its first meeting under the chairmanship of the President, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, were put into effect for immediate implementation. Meetings with more than two people in the municipality will be held in virtual environment. Some facilities, including the Sasalı Natural Life Park, where children showed great interest, were also closed to visitors.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken effective measures in the fight against the coronavirus, which has turned into a global epidemic, since the first day the virus emerged, has formed a "Science Board", each of which consists of scientists and physicians, each of whom is expert in their fields, after it was understood that this struggle would take a long time. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who attended the first meeting of the Scientific Committee with his senior managers Tunç Soyer He said that as always, they will overcome these troubled days with the guiding light of science. Underlining that the decisions to be taken by the Scientific Committee will guide the works of the municipality that affect the daily life of the citizens, Mayor Soyer said, “Our Municipality is ready for duty with all its facilities and human resources so that this difficult and troublesome process can be overcome with the least possible problems. However, we will work with a consciousness and determination that protects the health of our employees as much as possible. In this process, I would also like to thank my colleagues who have served with self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice in terms of their own health, as well as our workers in all institutions in this sense, and wish them success and convenience.

President Soyer drew attention to the importance of total struggle with coronavirus and reminded that they are working in full cooperation and coordination with all institutions of the state, especially the Ministry of Health and İzmir Governorship.

It was announced that the Scientific Committee would support İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the coronavirus struggle by making instant evaluations according to the changing situation and the need to arise.

Additional measures taken with the recommendation of the Scientific Board

President of all departments of the municipality Tunç SoyerAdditional measures sent with the signature of 's are listed as follows:
Employees and visitor entries in all municipal units (including İZSU, ESHOT, Municipality Company and Subsidiaries) will be provided through a single door. At the entrances, the doctor and nurse will be assigned, after the fever control and necessary informative entries will be completed.

There will be no meeting organization, all meetings over two people will be held in groups or online.

Cleaning and disinfection of public transport vehicles will be continued with care as it has been before, frequent ventilation will be provided in addition to the cleaning and disinfection of vehicles, and personal care, hygiene and protection will be paid attention to. All vehicle users, especially bus drivers, will use hygienic gloves and disinfect protective barriers and other areas of use. It is essential that the relevant equipment and materials are provided by the relevant units. Protective barriers will be kept closed at all times. Gloves will be changed regularly, all kinds of hygienic and protection measures will be taken. All kinds of measures will be meticulously inspected by our units regarding the disinfection of public transport vehicles and the safety of their drivers.

Providing the people's drinking water needs in full is the main priority, and all measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the water resources. It is essential that water is accessed to all households and sewage services are maintained with the utmost care to protect public health, and the permits of personnel working in this field will be used in a way that will not disrupt the services.

In our cleaning and disinfection units, the permits have been canceled, and in this area, disinfection of public service areas of the entire city in terms of hygiene, disinfection and disinfection will be continued. Every precaution will be taken to ensure the personal care and safety of our colleagues working in this field.

The facilities operated by our Municipality and its affiliated companies (Historical Elevator Building, Sasalı Wildlife Park, Adventure Park, Buca Meydan Cafe, Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, etc.) will be closed in order to prevent people from gathering together and to maintain social distance. The seating arrangement will be removed at the Eşrefpaşa Hospital canteen, Yasemin Cafe and the kiosks on the beach, and there will be no services other than hand sale. Hygienic gloves will be used in all outpatient services and maximum care will be given to disinfection rules. Food service will not be provided in dining halls exceeding 50 people, and security measures will be taken in places below this number, and services will be provided by maintaining social distance.

Additional hygiene measures will be taken for the sale of water with carboy, and special care will be taken to ensure that the water is served with sachets and / or the gloves of the officers and the disinfection of the facilities, vehicles and personnel.
Funeral services will continue without disruption and the personnel working in burial services will take maximum care to comply with the hygiene conditions, and the general sanitary rules will be strictly followed for burial procedures. Burials will be performed according to the conditions of death and determined by their interests. It is also essential to provide all kinds of conditions for the personnel working in burial services to take personal protection, security and hygiene measures.
Eşrefpaşa Hospital will continue its duty without interruption and will perform its duties in accordance with the principles and principles determined by the Ministry of Health. Our hospital will be ready for the service of our citizens with all personnel, equipment and ventilation devices, and will remain in instant contact with the Ministry of Health. In our hospital, the permits have been canceled and the personal care and hygiene and disinfection measures of the personnel will be taken with precision.

Nursing Home and Temporary Guesthouse is closed to visit and no food will be collected from outside. There will be no setbacks in the services and maintenance of our elderly and needy citizens. Our personnel in this field will take all kinds of personal hygiene-care measures.

The distribution of social assistance projects to milk lambs and houses after burials is essential, and an assessment will be made to balance the service continuity and personnel safety processes by making a priority program until the end of the month. Among the milk lambs and pita distribution personnel, disabled, patient etc. An assignment will be made by taking into consideration the health condition, especially the personnel with the situations.
Cleaning of the soup kitchens, taking hygiene importance, material, cold chain, cooking storage etc. disinfection conditions will be monitored separately, following all the rules.

The fire brigade AKS and its paramedic personnel will be kept ready for the task and will be in contact with the Eşrefpaşa Hospital, Community Health Department and the Provincial Health Directorate.

Metropolitan Municipalities will make strict supervision in terms of not selling the materials such as cleaning, hygiene, health, etc. at exorbitant prices and marketing unreal materials in connection with the municipal police departments. It is essential that the public can access healthy food and cleaning products at affordable prices and real work will not be allowed, and necessary legal procedures will be implemented resolutely.

All of our colleagues will wash their hands with soap in accordance with the requirements of the service, and disinfectant and cologne will be used in cases where access to water and soap is not possible.

The existing environments will be frequently ventilated, the common use of personal belongings will be avoided, and handshaking, cuddling, kissing etc. methods will be abandoned, and a self-control will be developed for remote greetings.

By paying attention to balanced nutrition and regular sleep with the consumption of plenty of water and fluids, the mouth will be closed during sneezing, and the crowded environment and closed areas will be avoided as much as possible.

It is a fundamental and primary priority for all of our colleagues to protect their health and that of their families, and it should not be forgotten that we can provide service to the society completely and protect the public health in accordance with the measures and principles that we protect ourselves, our family and our high-risk relatives.

Who is on the Scientific Board?

Upset. Dr. Serdar Pedükçoşkun, Dr. Sertaç Dölek, Prof. Dr Arzu Sayıner, Prof. Dr. Raika Durusoy, Prof. Dr. Erhan Eser, Prof. Dr. Ali Osman Karababa, Uz. Dr. Ali Ağzıtemiz, Uz. Dr. Altan Gökgöz, Uz. DR. Hüseyin Tarakçı, Uz. Dr. Yüce Ayhan.

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