Safe Distance Regulation in Public Transportation in Istanbul

Safe distance regulation in public transportation in Istanbul
Safe distance regulation in public transportation in Istanbul

IMM; took additional measures to maintain safe distance in bus, metrobus, minibus and rail system vehicles. During peak hours, the number of passengers will be increased and the number of passengers will be kept low.

Measures are being increased due to the coronavirus outbreak, which affects our country and the world. The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a circular stating that the passenger carrying capacity stated in the vehicle license will be reduced by 50 percent in all public transportation vehicles.

Although there is a decrease of up to 70 percent in public transportation in Istanbul, additional measures were taken to prevent partial intensity in the morning and evening hours. In order to avoid an intensity exceeding the safe distance in public transportation vehicles in the city, some lines have been started to increase the timetable.

IETT General Directorate, one of the affiliated companies of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), will increase the number of trips during peak hours, preventing the partial intensity experienced during bus commuting and return home.

In IETT buses, the production process of the driver's cabin continues in order to prevent the contact of drivers and passengers. In a short time, chauffeur protection cabin assembly will be completed for all buses connected to IETT.

Also; IETT, OTOBÜS AŞ and ÖHO buses will be posted informative banners. Informative stickers will be attached to the seats that should be left empty. The arrangement will be announced to the public with in-vehicle announcements.

On the other hand, the front doors of the vehicles in the metrobus line were closed to boarding and landing. In the application, which was initiated for the driver and passengers to travel at a safe distance, the first row of seats behind the driver in the vehicle was also closed.


After the coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak in Istanbul, the number of passengers decreased by up to 70 percent in the rail systems operated by METRO İSTANBUL AŞ, a subsidiary of IMM. In the rail systems, transportation is carried out in accordance with the circular issued by the Ministry of the Interior with the new tariff passed on Monday, March 23.

"Keep Your Social Distance" posters will be hung on the subways and trams from tomorrow. Stickers with warnings will be affixed on the seats that should be left empty.


IMM Police teams started 'safe distance' inspections on minibus and minibus lines. The controls started in the morning hours on the minibus and minibus lines on the European and Anatolian side, it was determined that the minibuses did not receive standing passengers and the seats were not fully filled. It was observed that the number of passengers decreased in the minibus lines. IMM Police will continue its inspection work especially in the morning and evening hours.


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