Public Transport in Istanbul is Clean

Public transportation vehicles are clean in Istanbul
Public transportation vehicles are clean in Istanbul

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; It regularly cleans all public transportation vehicles such as buses, metrobuses, metro, trams and ferries, and disinfects them against germs and viruses.

The epidemic diseases experienced every year, especially in the winter, cause uneasiness in our country. For this reason, cleaning of public transportation vehicles, which are common areas where diseases carry the most risk of spreading, is very important.

IETT, OTOBÜS AŞ, METRO İSTANBUL and ŞEHİR HATLARI AŞ, which Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) provides transportation services, regularly clean all vehicles and disinfect against germs and viruses.

Continuing routine cleaning, IETT General Directorate cooperated with the IMM Health Department and carried out washing and disinfection against viruses in all buses, metrobuses and metrobus stations. Within the scope of the application, metrobus and metrobus stations and buses, where approximately 1 million 50 thousand people travel every day, were cleaned in detail by the teams. Then, it was disinfected against viruses by being sprayed by special clothed personnel.

The teams that carried out washing and disinfection at the Metrobus stops first washed the stations and then disinfected the turnstiles at the entrance of the station, Istanbulkart filling machines, seating areas and panels inside the station. After disinfection, measurements were made at metrobus stops. It was stated that there were no negative effects in the measurements. It was observed that the passengers, who were observed to be satisfied with the cleaning, recorded these moments with their mobile phones.


METRO İSTANBUL, a subsidiary of İBB, performs night cleaning in all rail systems that serve below and on the surface of the city. Within the scope of cleaning, it performs rough cleaning in metro vehicles at 21 different points of the city. Then, the interior and exterior of the vehicles are cleaned in detail and disinfection works are carried out. The handles, pipes and seats that the citizens come into contact with cleaning are made clean and hygienic in particular.


ŞEHİR HATLARI AŞ, one of the İBB affiliates, regularly conducts comprehensive cleaning work to prevent microbial and bacterial conditions that may occur on ferries and piers. Pier and ferries are made clean by the teams at night after the expeditions are completed. The floors, seats and toilets of the outer and inner halls of the ships are thoroughly cleaned. In these cleaning works carried out by experienced personnel, products that comply with quality standards and do not harm health are used. All ships are sprayed once a month against pests, rodents and viruses.


Providing information about the studies, Head of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Health Department. Önder Eryiğit stated that routine cleaning procedures are carried out in public transportation vehicles, where 5 million Istanbuls are transported every day. This is the same process not only in IETT buses but also in metrobus, metro and ferries. As IMM, we have created our action plan on this issue, we are implementing the applications. ”


Drawing attention to the fact that they have started disinfection processes in closed areas, places of worship, cultural centers and all other activity areas within the body of IMM, apart from public transportation vehicles, apart from daily cleaning, Eryiğit said, “There is no specific time period regarding this issue, we will continue disinfection as long as necessary . Our citizens of Istanbul, please be at ease because we continue to fulfill our responsibility. They can easily use public transportation areas or closed living areas belonging to IMM. Currently, we do not see our country under serious threat anyway. However, we took every precaution because of a possible threat ”.

Providing information about cleaning activities on ferries and piers, ŞEHİR HATLARI AŞ General Manager Sinem Dedetaş stated that there are fixed cleaning personnel on the ferries and said, “We had the points we wanted to do more detailed and fine cleaning against virus danger. Therefore, we increased the number of cleaning staff. Our day cleaning personnel stay on our ferries, and all our ferries are cleaned in detail by our cleaning teams after the night trips are over. ”

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