Imamoğlu: We Are Not Happy nor Peaceful Because We Hike Transportation

We are not happy nor peaceful because we hike imamoglu transportation
We are not happy nor peaceful because we hike imamoglu transportation

Speaking at the award ceremony organized by IETT for its employees, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, brought the subject to the transportation hike and said: “Right; we had to make a raise. We are never ever happy with this. We are not at peace. I wish we could continue to serve the people of this city without a raise. We had to make this hike due to the increase in fuel and maintenance items, 40 percent of which exceeded 45 and reached 50 percent. Therefore, we express our regret to our people in this regard, of course. But from now on, I would like to announce to our people that we have to provide better and complete service, renew the fleet, and make up for this deficiency by investing, and we will do so.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter meeting with the employees of the Halk Süt project in Gürpınar, it turned its route to the Eurasia Show and Art Center in Yenikapı. Attending the "Performance Development System Award Ceremony" organized by IETT, İmamoğlu emphasized that the transportation sector is one of the areas that should set an example with its conscientious and moral stance. Sharing the information that IETT has 16 thousand employees, İmamoğlu said, “When you look at it, there are 1000 Istanbulites for each IETT employee. In fact, it is such a valuable committee that the people here and your friends and colleagues... So if the whole society is peaceful, you will give yourself a share. You will say, 'How happy we are that we have contributed to the peace of our society'. Don't get me wrong, but if there is unrest in the society, you will also have a share; let me tell you that too. In fact, this is the case in every field. This includes me in the first place,” he said.


Stating that they came to the event from their meeting with the employees involved in the Halk Süt project, İmamoğlu said, “They made such beautiful and interesting touches… The day has come; They saved a child's life in an emergency where they coincidentally coincided. The day has come; unfortunately, they saved the life of a child who was sexually abused. Or they supported a woman who was a victim of violence. So, like a social worker, they became our observer on the field. They reach our 100 thousand children every month. To reach 100 thousand children; it also means walking around those kids' neighborhoods. A thousand kinds of people who see the street every day. When I see IETT drivers, I raise my hand to prison and greet him. I really see all IETT employees as the guarantee of Istanbul. In other words, they are watching around, informing, interfering if there is a negative or intervening or revealing their contribution to the enjoyment of this city's order, happiness and peace. In this context, I wave with respect and respect. I really want all of our IETT employees to act in accordance with this concept. We achieve this to a large extent; but we have things to do. ”


Touching on the topic of “transportation hike” which has been talked about recently, Imamoglu said:
"True; we had to raise. We are never, ever happy. We are not at peace. I wish we would continue to serve people in this city without a hike. Unfortunately, if we did not raise this year, our subsidy figures from the budget would be almost 3 billion 600 million liras. These numbers are big numbers. But it is not the numbers that we can return the budget. In this regard, the terms of Turkey, especially fuel oil, from the maintenance element, almost one year on time rate of 1 percent has exceeded 40, since it is found in the 45 percent we have to do this hike. In this respect, we state to our people that in this sense, of course we are sorry. But from now on, I would like to announce to our people that we have to both serve better and completely, renew our fleet and eliminate this deficiency by investing. In this sense, it is worthwhile for you, our esteemed institution, our organizations, employees, ladies, gentlemen, who carry millions of people every day to Istanbul, to all those who work. I now have intensive female drivers now in our institution - I convey my gratitude to all of them. Please keep in mind that you are Istanbul's servants, controllers and observers. Continue to serve the people of Istanbul with a smiling face and a peaceful image. ”

İmamoğlu gave his plaques to IETT employees who were deemed worthy of an award after his speech.

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