İmamoğlu Examines IETT's Hygiene Measures On Site

imamoglu examined the hygiene measures that iett received
imamoglu examined the hygiene measures that iett received

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, after increasing its impact in most of the world, examined the hygiene studies they started against the coronavirus, which is also seen in our country. Meeting with journalists in IETT's garage in Edirnekapı, İmamoğlu said, “We are giving and will give a big test in revealing the world's ability to act together. I wish you success in this exam. Let's announce to the people of Istanbul that we will show the necessary struggle with all my friends so that our society will be affected by this process at the minimum level with the decisions we have taken in Istanbul and the measures we have taken." Imamoglu; Announced that the plays to be staged by the City Theaters, the trainings at İSMEK and museum visits have been canceled until the end of March.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluexamined the hygiene measures taken by IETT regarding the "coronavirus epidemic" that affected the world. The investigation was carried out in IETT's garage in Edirnekapı. Imamoglu, who received information about the works and measures taken from IETT General Manager Alper Kolukısa, examined the interior and exterior cleaning processes of the buses on site. İmamoğlu, who later went to the cameras, made evaluations about the measures to be taken throughout the city.

Stating that the world is in an interesting experience, İmamoğlu said, “With the announcement of the worldwide epidemic, the whole world has to demonstrate its mobilization to contribute to the process with a single understanding. process in Turkey and Istanbul, we follow along with the Health Minister and other officials. From day one, we tried to be very sensitive about 'What should we do about Istanbul'? We are carrying out a hard work that we follow every day about disinfection and taking precautions with the measures we take regarding the areas that people use collectively. There were already daily routines. We took additional measures. We continue to take measures often to prevent people from meeting the virus. ”

Sharing the information that they will increase the number of 30 vehicles in the Coronavirus Hygiene Fleet to 40, Imamoglu said:
"These; Our friends are carrying out the disinfection of 800 thousand square meters of closed area, in total, to our public spaces, theater, scenes, workplaces where people are gathered, especially mosques, cemevi, churches and synagogues. Different institutions and organizations also have demands. We try to contribute to them. We will try to support the whole structure we can. As IMM, we follow the public's statements of the Minister of Health. We talked to our Governor yesterday. Today, after discussions with their own institutions, 'How can a cooperation be made? We had a consensus on how we will come side by side on how to take measures regarding Istanbul. We made such a speech when I called them yesterday. This is a mobilization process. ”

Noting that informing is a very important issue for taking action, Imamoglu stated that they will use the media of the institution in this sense.

Expressing that they started their information activities with the employees of the institution, İmamoğlu emphasized that they prepared an 'emergency action plan' through the Health Department. İmamoğlu said, “We made a decision regarding our City Theaters. Until the end of March, we decided to cancel events in public areas such as Cemal Reşit Rey where there were such shows. İSMEKs are places where people come together and receive education. We will also inform our citizens about the cancellation of the education there by taking measures again by the end of the month. We have museums that we operate with IMM in Istanbul. These museums are especially used by people who do not know where they came from abroad. We will close the process of visiting these museums by the end of the month again. ”

"We wish our citizens to consider this epidemic, to care about it, but never to worry," said İmamoğlu, "We wish a transparent environment to be managed in every respect. Not only the IMM, but also the Ministry of Health, we warn all institutions to take the necessary measures by managing a transparent process in this regard, informing our citizens correctly, but without preoccupation. We are in a city that travels a lot. We have a job. Our country has an economy. We are in a spinning wheel. I welcome this with understanding, but I would like to make the following warning: I attach great importance to people who have a certain age or an ailment not to travel as much as possible and not to participate in public transportation in Istanbul. Let's underline that our very young babies should be protected and that all parents should be sensitive in this matter. ”

Stating that the world is giving a “humanity lesson exam”, İmamoğlu said, “No matter how big we make the borders in the world, no matter how big walls we build, the world has priority problems. Health, nutrition and climate change are among these. In fact, each of them is the factors that affect the world under the influence of each other. In that respect, I feel and realize that we are aware of how much the common destiny the world actually has and how much a common struggle billions of people have to fight. It is not right to feel this with such troubles. We can also include the refugee issue. We are giving, and we will give, a great test to reveal the world's ability to act jointly. I wish this exam to be successful. With the decisions we have taken in Istanbul and the measures we have put forward, let us have announced to the people of Istanbul that we will show the necessary struggle to affect our society to the minimum level with this process, with all my friends. ”

After evaluating and sharing information, Imamoglu answered journalists' questions about the issue. The questions of journalists and the answers of Imamoglu were as follows:

“You have announced your emergency action plans. Is the framework of these projected as extensible according to the condition of the number of cases? The Ministry at the highest level, the governor at the top, and district municipalities below you. Do you have a plan to create such a crisis desk? ”

We have created a "coronavirus crisis desk" within our municipality. There are some meetings I attend. Of course, this is an Istanbul issue. Yesterday, I called our Dear Governor. Our dear Governor also conveyed to me that he followed the statements of the ministries and that he would make his own evaluations today. Then I think this could be called a crisis table, it could be a co-working desk. By combining the measures we take with the measures taken by the public institutions, we manage a process for joint work. I would like to give another example of this table. Today we invited 39 district municipalities. As municipalities, they are carrying out a study to work together or to benefit them from our experience. Therefore, we establish dialogue with all public institutions we need to contact and manage this process. I think our Governor will call us as soon as possible.

"Can you give more detailed information about the canceled organization?"

We canceled theater and other shows such as Cemal Reşit Rey, especially until the end of the month. We will update again at the end of March. Our people also need morale. We are also working on what we can do about these issues. Our other cancellation is about İSMEK. Our friends who gave instructions on taking measures are working. We will close ISMEK by the end of the month. Another important topic is our announcement about visiting the museums of IMM today. We will also cancel trips to the museums. Because we have museums that are used extensively and there are people visiting these museums where we do not know where they came from. This issue will be a measure by the end of the month. Hopefully, the measures taken will show their value. We will update again through the performances and senses that our ministries will reveal.

“Is there a decrease in public transportation after the announcement of the first case? Photos were also shared on social media that buses were still being used extensively. If this intensity continues, will you have an action plan? ”

According to the figures given by my friends, there is no serious reduction in numbers. We have no hesitation about the hygiene of our vehicles and the disinfection work. However, in the environment where people are gathered together, not only from the vehicle, but also because of the transmission of viruses towards each other, it is not only with vehicle measures. We do not recommend our people over a certain age to travel by using public transportation these days. We ask our citizens not to travel as much as possible except in emergencies and not to be in public areas. Again, I would like to point out that pregnant women with health sensitivity should not use our public babies' public transportation vehicles. If sensitivity is shown to this, I think the intensity will decrease somewhat and it will be beneficial for people's contact with each other.

“One of the most important measures taken against the virus is the ability to test. Is there any study about testing in IMM? ”

In this regard, the Ministry of Health is authorized, we do not have the authority to reveal such a test study. Çapa Hospital, which I know about, has an appropriate capability. Apart from that, I think the Ministry of Health will take the necessary measures. You are right, people can request a test. It can be concentrated, it needs to be answered. When there is a spatial or technical call from us, we also offer our contribution to the Ministry of Health. But at the moment, the Ministry of Health belongs to the Ministry of Health as an authority in this matter.

“Entertainment venues are closed in Italy. Will there be such an application in Istanbul? ”

We do not currently have such an application. We talked about our work on the precautions of the very uncontrolled and crowded areas with human circulation throughout the day. However, we have not received an alarm that such a measure will be taken. There is no such announcement. We are talking about you by concentrating on the measures we will take in museums for people who have the opportunity to prevent people's contact in public areas or to come from different parts of the world. We have not received an alarm to take such measures. There is no such announcement. We talk about you as much as possible by focusing on the precautions we will take in museums that prevent people from touching or obscure people in this collective area, which is not known, from different parts of the world. Beyond that, we think that we do not need to have such an alarm, such a rush process at the moment.

"Some things have been written about your health condition ..."

There is also a normal seasonal epidemic. It's like a cold, flu, but we packed it up by taking some serum on Monday. I'm fine now. I just rested on Monday. Apart from that, I was in Ankara on Sunday. As you can see, I'm fine.

“LET'S Greet with GÖNÜL GÖNÜ”
“You are one of the politicians who love to shake hands on the street. Have you made a restriction on this? ”

As I just said, we don't shake hands. I always say: The eyes are stronger than the hand. I also use it a lot. Even if I shake hands, I look at human eyes. Let's greet eye to eye. Let's say hello to the heart. Let's not shake as much as possible.

“There have also been reports of disinfectant devices that you have placed at the Metrobus stops, at some point. Is there a criminal procedure for this? Does it have detection? Will the application continue? ”

The application will continue. My friends transferred the detections we had to the police. The police will conduct the necessary investigation regarding the breakers. Even if it is broken, we will replace it with a new one. At the same time, we put the devices related to disinfection in our large offices. There are subways, metrobus. I told my friends to increase it on the field as much as possible. Because even using it when entering and exiting the subway brings great benefits in the next stage. I also wash my hand at least 10-15 times a day. Again, I squeeze the disinfection in my car at least 8-10 times. You can take it from someone and spread it to someone. This is actually the necessity of a healthy life. Of course, we recommend them to do this. We renewed our devices. I hope we will not have such a problem after that.

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