Imamoglu: 'No Social Consensus in Kanal Istanbul'

imamoglu channel istanbul no social consensus
imamoglu channel istanbul no social consensus

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, broadcasting live on their social media accounts during the daytime, explained the measures they took due to the coronavirus epidemic, what to do next, and shared with the public that he conveyed his recommendations on the subject to the Ministry of Health.

In the evening, the journalist Cüneyt Özdemir Youtube İmamoğlu, who went live on his channel, reacted to the Mayor of Esenler, Tevfik Göksu, who criticized the recommendations he made to the Ministry of Health on Twitter, saying, "Today is the time of politics or the love of God". İmamoğlu said, “In such a painful situation, we have to unite and meet. We strive at a high level, make suggestions; a mayor sent such a message, supposedly he had an opportunity, doing politics. ”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluCüneyt Özdemir, a journalist living in Los Angeles, Youtube He attended the live program on his home in Beylikdüzü. Imamoglu answered Ozdemir's questions about the coronavirus epidemic that ravaged the world. One of the most interesting moments of the program, Özdemir said, “Is there a rupture between IMM and other institutions of the state? On the contrary, you have to meet and coordinate 24 hours a day. "I am someone who does my best for communication," said Imamoglu, answered this question as follows:


“Today, we are warning with our responsibility for Istanbul. It wouldn't be talking to psychology in Los Angeles. Because you know that there is a difference between the powers of local governments and those of Istanbul in the management system in the USA. While we manage the process, we cannot go beyond the advice at some point. We will not meet, who will meet. 'What is going on in Istanbul, bro? Tell me, 'I will not want to be called by the President of the Republic, who will ask? Of course I'm waiting. Of course I cry out. To come together with our governor, to work in a coordinated day… Let's not go into much detail. Now the spirit of the day does not require this. I am striving for the highest level of dialogue. We are making a statement today, we say; 'Field hospitals should be established. ” According to our determination, these are urgent needs. “We can reach such a capacity, 19 indoor sports halls belonging to IMM are suitable for this process, our indoor areas in Yenikapı are suitable for this, with a kitchen with 5000 people dining every day, a place with a potential ready until the place where the people to work here will stay, The same system in Gürpınar Fish Market is ready, we can prepare the process immediately with the tent system that we will establish in Maltepe with the method of balloon inflation. If we sit with the Ministry of Health and provide their interior equipment, they will be ready in 5-6 days. " When we say advice, we call. I am making a call because this appears in the future of Istanbul. You say, 'What does the Minister of Health think about this?' I informed them in writing yesterday. I wait 1 day for what you think. I say, 'I guess he'll call me today.' If not, I'll try my luck again.


Stating that they expressed the measures to be taken due to the coronavirus epidemic, the work they carried out as IMM and the recommendations they made to other institutions of the state in the live broadcast in the morning, İmamoğlu also mentioned a subject on Twitter during the day:

“We are making a recommendation today; A mayor in Istanbul said, “What would you pay for? Go to Başakşehir Hospital. "Why didn't you do it?" He asks me for an account. As the name says; Mayor! Mayor of a municipality from 39 districts. Every institution of this country meets with each other and gives advice… Which is in an extraordinary situation. Look, I see this situation as a process of mobilization like War of Independence, and even beyond. We cannot sleep at night. Psychological Turkey as a whole, this process feel that way and live. We must be hand in hand, arm in arm. We should be able to meet at any moment. Whatever we are going to do, we have to put it on the field together. Many concepts of the world are changing. His political communication must change, his view of the economy must change, and all his vital mechanisms must change. These are spoken. It's that clear. In that respect, my desire, my desire; Of course, in such a painful situation, we have to unite and meet. We strive at a high level, make suggestions; a mayor sent such a message, supposedly found an opportunity, doing politics. What about the time of politics today, for God's sake? It's not the time of politics. For God's sake, is it time for Kanal Istanbul tender yesterday? Is it time to say 'I allocated 10 billion liras from this year's budget'? In such a critical process, you say 'I have allocated nearly 100 billion lira' ... A project that is not agreed yet. There is no social agreement. This is a project where the majority of people, 60-65 percent, are opposed. You will of course suspend such a thing. Of course, you will evaluate the process according to the conscience and priority of the society. ”


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