IETT Drivers Will Be Subject To Professional Competency Exam

iett sofors will be subjected to professional qualification exam
iett sofors will be subjected to professional qualification exam

Since it will be mandatory for the drivers to obtain a “Professional Competence Certificate” in the coming period, 3 drivers working at IETT will be tested. Drivers have the right to take the exam 600 times. Those who do not succeed in the exams will not be able to receive documents and be drivers.

Metrobus and bus drivers working at IETT will be certified in accordance with the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services' Communiqué on Occupational Competence Authority Vocational Qualification Certificate Obligations.

General Directorate of IETT Operations has opened a tender for the certification service of 3 drivers, according to the relevant national qualifications. The tender will be held on April 600, 9.

The IETT drivers will be certified by the organization authorized by the Vocational Qualification Authority (VQA) according to their national competence by Metrobus Driver (Level3) and Local Public Transport Bus Driver (Level3).

Bus drivers working on normal lines will take theoretical and performance based exams in line with the Practice Guide for MYK Theoretical and Performance Based Exams in order to obtain the "Urban Public Transport Bus Driver" and the drivers working on the Metrobus lines.
Theoretical exams are in training halls located in garages and performance based exams are; will be built in the garages for bus drivers, and on the metrobus line for metrobus drivers. Exams will be completed in 12 months.

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