IMM Started to Sell Carbon Credits to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions to the World

ibb started selling carbon credits to the world that reduce greenhouse gas emissions
ibb started selling carbon credits to the world that reduce greenhouse gas emissions

İSTAÇ, a subsidiary of IMM, started selling carbon credits for the first time. British Numerco company sold 10 thousand tons of carbon credit.

The market research of İSTAÇ, which gained carbon credit under the supervision of the leading company of the international carbon market, Gold Standard, has yielded results. Contacting the British energy company Numerco, İSTAÇ reached an agreement and sold 10 thousand tons of carbon credit as a pre-sale. İSTAÇ, which broke new ground in the history of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), continues its attempts to sell its 6,5 million tons of carbon credit in the international market.

İSTAÇ gains carbon credits by producing energy from domestic waste in Odayeri and Kömürcüoda storage areas. The company has also applied for and accepted carbon credits for the waste incineration and biomethanization facilities it will establish in Eyüpsultan.


The Kyoto Protocol, which entered into force in 2005 within the scope of the United Nations (UN) Framework Convention on Climate Change, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. The agreement gives the signatory countries carbon emission quota. One of the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions is the "Emissions Trade" mechanism. If any country or producer exceeds its quota, it can purchase carbon quota from the less carbon emitting country or producer.


Twelve years ago, in 2008, the Carbon Market, whose transaction volume was $ 126 billion, is expected to reach about 3,1 trillion this year.

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