Hygiene Mobilization in Public Transport Vehicles in Kocaeli

Hygiene Mobilization in Kocaelide Collective Vehicles
Hygiene Mobilization in Kocaelide Collective Vehicles

After the corona virus that emerged in China and caused great panic all over the world, the cleaning of transportation vehicles became more prominent. Akçaray tram line operated by Transportation Park in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality routinely cleans the buses from head to toe while also cleansing them by cleaning them from head to toe. After the protocol agreement signed between Metropolitan Municipality and No. 5 cooperative in the past days, all buses connected to the cooperative were disinfected.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality takes every precaution against traveling against viruses and microbes in vehicles with high hygiene levels. In the detailed cleaning, every point of the buses carrying hundreds of passengers daily, inside, outside, windows, driver's cabin, handles, passenger seat handles, floors, ceiling, outer ceiling and bottom corner cleaning are cleaned.


The buses affiliated to the Cooperative No. 5 are disinfected by the Metropolitan teams with the Nano Technology application. Vehicles are disinfected with Nano Technology, which is one of the detailed cleaning applications. In this way, passengers can safely travel in a hygienic environment.

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