Gebze Halkalı Suburban Trains Have The Most Calm Days In History

gebze Halkali suburban trains live the quietest days in history
gebze Halkali suburban trains live the quietest days in history

Gebze-Halkalı The Suburban Train Line is having the quietest days in its history. The train line, which is frequently used by citizens especially on the weekends, is not the most demanded of the citizens because of the coronavirus epidemic, and it marks the most secluded days in its history.

Gebze-Halkalı Suburban Train Line, also known as Marmaray Halkalı - Gebze line is having the quietest times of the last time. The train line, which is incredibly busy especially on weekends and where citizens are interested in travel, is far from its old days due to the coronavirus outbreak. The number of passengers in Marmaray has decreased considerably compared to the old days, when citizens do not show interest as much as they used to and prefer to stay at home.


Gebze, which broke the passenger record and has been preferred since its opening to service,Halkalı While interest in the Suburban Train line decreases after the corona epidemic, it is a pleasing development for citizens to listen to experts on travel and not to go out on the streets as much as possible. However, it has not been fully understood about the epidemic, and even if it is not as much as before, there is an audience that throws themselves into the streets, especially in big cities. (the Hedefgazete)

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