Women Bus Drivers from Mersin Welcomed with Flowers the First Time of the Day

female bus bus drivers from Mersin met with flowers for the first time of the day
female bus bus drivers from Mersin met with flowers for the first time of the day

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Women's and Family Services Department welcomed the women with flowers by bus driver without taking the morning and day. The flowers, which were carefully prepared to be distributed in various points of the city on March 20 by 8 women who work within Mersin Koop Women's Cooperative, became the first companion of bus driver women.

The bus driver women who received their vehicles from the Old Bus Station at 05.00:XNUMX in the morning welcomed the Woman and Family Services Department President Şerife Hasoğlu Dokucu at the exit point. Dokucu, who entrusted the flowers with the celebration message of the Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer to women, decorated her vehicles with flowers so that the drivers could also present them to the passengers. Happiness that started with female bus drivers set out to spread around the city.

“We were happy, it was very nice for us”

Betül Arslan Kılıç, a 34-year-old bus driver, said that she had left her house to cover her 8-year-old son Kağan on the morning of March 9, just like every morning. Kılıç expressed that his day was colored thanks to the delicacy he encountered due to International Women's Day. Expressing that he loves his job with a passion that his parents are being a truck driver, Kılıç said, “I love being in traffic and driving. This was the best job I could have done. "Will it be difficult to wake up at 5? How will it be?" I was thinking. But it's definitely not difficult, we are happy to come to work. The reactions of people when they see us at the wheel are worth everything. We have now come across a surprise. At 5 o'clock in the morning, Mrs. Şerife, our Head of the Women's and Family Services Department, came and greeted us with the flowers of our Vahap President. We did not expect, we were happy, it was very nice for us ”he said.

“Our Vahap President offers us really good job opportunities”

Stating that President Vahap Seçer contributed greatly to women by providing employment and keeping their economic freedom, Kılıç said, “Thank you very much to our Vahap President. It offers us really good job opportunities. It offered many jobs not only as a city bus driver but also within the Metropolitan Municipality. We women are in everything. It has been like this before, it is like this now. ”

“Today is a happier day”

As a working woman, Nuray Bölük, 40, who stated that she supports two children, Burak and Bensu, one of whom is studying at Boğaziçi University and the other who is preparing for university, stated that the surprise she encountered on 8 March made her happy with the words. Nuray Bölük said:

“I am extremely proud to have done such a profession. Today, they made us very happy for the Women's Day. As always, it is our honor to be remembered today. They welcomed us with flowers due to Women's Day. I would like to thank our Vahap President for this. They gave us flowers to convey to our other women. Today is a happier day. It is very nice to be in our business again on such a special day. I am so happy that it cannot be expressed in words in order to be working in all conditions, to be a working woman, to stand upright and to show her power. ”

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